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Hiney sack problems

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I hated using the world anal in my title :lol: About a month ago my male chi was acting funny and we looked him over and he had this huge red knot on his hiney well we got him to the doc and she said their anals sacks get full and they need to be drained who knew :shock: Anyway she said on of the signs is draggin their hineys on the ground . I asked if this was a little dog thing or not as I've never experienced it before she said no but I'm still wondering if the chis are more likely to have it happen.
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That whole anal sack thing was new to me as well. I've had three other dogs before Cooper and none of them ever had that problem nor was it ever mentioned at the vet's office. I hadn't even heard of anal sacks until Cooper expressed his on the vet during his annual.

Cooper scoots sometimes and I was told the same thing - that it's their way of fixing that problem. At first, I just thought his rear end was itchy so I'd scratch it for him. Now, he scoots and comes straight to me and backs up.
:wave: hey i hurd of that , i saw it on that show called "show moms and dads" it was nasty to see him digging in his dog butt, and when he popped it was all on his shirt ! lol and sais the smell is unthinkable
Yep it just doesn't seem right to be doing that :shock: I'll let my vet tend to that. They took both my babies off and did that to them and they washed them all up afterwards Thank heavens.I adore my dogs but some things I'm not gonna touch :lol:
as chi's are much smaller than other breeds ...they have a bigger chance of getting a full anal sac .......
other breeds can have it too , but can put more pressure by dragging there bum,so they can fix the problem themselves.....

kisses nat
any breed can get clogged anal sacks..if your dog doesn't have hard stools there's a bigger chance of the sacks getting clogged. The pressure of actually pooping empties the sack as well as butt dragging. As long as your dog is having firm poops you shouldn't have a problem. if you dog starts to smell's the anal sacks.
bella used to drag her bum ALLLLLLL THE TIIIIIIIME when i first got her. But now she has stopped. Its weird cuz both of my babys drag their bums right after they poop so it seem like they are wiping lol.
Lily used to need her anal sacs expressed about every 3 months. Then she went on a good canned dog food, which brought it down to every 6 months. Now that she's on a good dry food, I think the "anal sac express" has permanently left the station. :lol:
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