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His name is "Harley"

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Well he found a forever home :D Look at his coloring!! I am going to go get a digital camera. My little phone just doesnt do it compared to these pictures :?
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AWW! he's so gorgeous, and harley is a great name! I agree, digital cameras are the best! It's so worth it to know that you'll have precious frozen memories to look back on when they're all grown up :)
He's precious!! Glad to hear that he got a forever home. I would have the hardest time giving him up!!!
wow he's stunning :shock: ...i love his name too :D

kisses nat
He really is beautiful :wave:
Wow he is beautiful. That is an awesome color!! I cannot wait to see more pics of him as he gets older!
awwww so sweet! great name!
awww i still think he should be coming home to me hehehe...
He is so adorable. I want another one! I want another one! I want another one!!! :blob7: (oh sorry) :oops:
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