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I'm new here, my friend "Nibbler" signed up recently and told me about this place! I am a somewhat new owner of a two and a half year old Chihuahua/Min Pin mix named Jezabel. We generally just call her Jezzie. :)
Her previous owner turned her in to a high kill shelter in New York when she was 2 years old, with her sister Trixie. They had been kept outside from puppyhood and were not very socialized. My friend adopted her from the shelter, but she was not a good fit with her other dogs, and needed more one on one attention than my friend could give her. It took us two weeks to get it all together, but we set up a string of volunteers to drive her from Long Island to North Georgia, and after a 15 hour trip, my little girl was home! She got here just after midnight on June 3rd. She was not very friendly with my dogs at first, but they are very tolerant and accepting, and after a couple of weeks, she was right at home. She also gets along with my cats amazingly well. Jez is a velcro dog, and LOVES to be right next to me as much as possible. She is great with my kids and she is a perfect match for my family :)

So here comes the photo dump haha.

Jezzie at the shelter with her sister (Jezzie is the one in back)

Jezzie on her way home... I think this was on leg 7 of 15:

Finally home!

With the kiddos:

Me with my husband:

Our APBT, Keira:

Our Miniature Poodle, Bruce (he's 6 months old):

15 year old Poe:

and 19 month old Maverick:

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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