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hmm... more questions and random comments :)

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So the parents are pretty much talked into letting me get a chihuahua! The only down side to this, is that my mom's making me get rid of Tessa, my tegu lizard. My mom's afraid of her (she's aggressive and big, close to 30 inches and still growing) and said she does not want an animal in the house she doesn't trust. Tessa's one of those lizards that just won't tame down no matter how much you work with them. (I spend minimum 1 hour a day with my lizards, even more with Tessa trying to calm her down and make her friendly).

Anyways ( I seem to get off topic so easily :p lol) my mom and I have been on the chi hunt for about 4-5 days now! We are having absolutely no luck at all and it's making me start to wonder... were considering buying online, but with the shipping prices and everything it seems like too much money. After calling about 7 different breeders from adds in the paper, our results are not the best. First off, there were a few rude people who just said "they're sold" and hung up the phone on us! Then a few more only had males. One woman had 2 females and we went to look at them on monday. First off it took us 20 minutes standing in line at the bank, then it took us over an hour to get to her house and we got lost! Then when we get there, 2 women and a kid got there literally 2 minutes before us and right when we walked up they shoved the money at the woman and took off with one of the only female puppies! However, the neighborhood the woman lived in was not very good at all (my mom was afraid to get out of the car because she thought people would come rob it and take parts...) and when we saw the adult breeders, they didnt look to pampered at all. Kind of just looked like worn out breeders. Also, the puppies were NOT vet checked, NO shots, or wormed, and they wanted $325 each... not quite the best experience lol
One breeder woman was out of females, however she said she knew other breeders and would call around and try to find 2 female puppies for us by the end of the week. this was back on monday so we're calling her tomorrow to see what's up. She seems very nice, but we're wondering if she's going to find the puppies and then try to sell them to us for more money, who knows but it's still a nice gesture.

Now for the questions! (lol I know it didnt seem like they were ever coming the way I go on and on)

One woman talked about the chihuahua puppies being 7 weeks old and you have to feed them out of an eye dropper every few hours. At 7 weeks, shouldnt they be able to eat actual dog food? This sounded somewhat fishy to me, is this normal? I never heard of puppies at that age having to be fed every 2 hours, formula stuff with an eye dropper! I know they are small and fragile, but still. Also, she mentioned about putting honey in the water to keep the blood sugar level this even good for them? Anyone else think this is weird, or is it normal stuff you have to do for chi puppies? Any input is appreciated!
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:wink: It takes a long time to find the perfect puppy so be patient or you might end up regreting the impulse buy. I'm not exactly sure where you are from but trust me..good breeders are out there...shipping a puppy is expensive and risky. :wink: We have lots of great topics here and I recommend you do more reading..personally, I think the breeder that said the puppies were 7 weeks was probably lying..puppies at that age can start to chew on mushy to solid kibble..and about the sugar water that is good for puppies not to go on low sugar episodes or hypoglacemia (sp?) but only if they suffer one! (a bad episode can even kill them) we actually have a sticky on that topic on top of the Q&A page. This are normal things you should try to know as much as you can BEFORE you get the puppy. It saves lots on vet bills and worries! The Chihuahua Handbook is a great book! :wink: I'm pretty sure you'll get good advice on this. Good luck puppy hunting. :wave:
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I brought Bosco home at 7 weeks, and while I don't recommend bringing them home that young, they (or at least he) was eating dry kibble with no problems at all. I would not mess with the dog's blood sugar levels unless they were acting lethargic and sleepy.

In my experience, breeders who advertise in the paper are USUALLY not so great. So definitely beware. The AKC can give you a list of breeders they are affiliated with in your area code and surrounding area code. Have you tried that yet?

A little advice, and I'm really not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to save you and your future puppys some problems.

If a breeder wants to sell you a puppy that is 7 weeks old, RUN away!
Chis need to be with their mom and siblings until they are between 10 and 12 weeks old. Chis sold younger than 10 weeks are more prone to aggresion issues.
Chis are normally started on the weening process at 5 weeks old. That doesn't mean they eat dry kibble at 5 weeks, it's usually ground up and mixed with a liquid to make a kind of mush. But are usually still nursing some.
Chis and small breeds are prone to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) when they are puppys.

In my opinion you need to do more research before you get your puppy or puppys. The things you are asking and commenting on are the BASIC things that chi owners already know. Perhaps this is why you are having a hard time finding a pup. The man upstairs knows you are not ready for one.
Please do more research so you and your family will have a very happy experience when you finally do get your babys.
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I just endured the puppy search in Southern Cali. I'm not sure where you are exactly but I searched San Diego and Riverside Counties. I finally got Frasier further north - I ended up looking all the way to Burbank.

For this area $325 is not bad for a pup with no shots, not dewormed, and no vet check. If you want shots, worming, and vet check, you're gonna pay $600+ around here, unless you find an ad in the paper where some families chis just happened to have puppies. Then you can get a puppy for under $300 - no papers, no shots or medical care, and coming from a home where they may have good intentions but really know nothing about breeding dogs this tiny.

You shouldn't take the puppy home untill it's at least 10 weeks.

And, watch out for the people who consistently only sale males, this is a sign that they're breeding huge amounts of puppies.
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sorry to hear about tessa.

it took me around 2 months of toying with the idea of getting a chi but activley looking "just in case" and after my mind was made up (at the 1 i found my girl.

i agree with what everyone else said. do more research even when you think you got it all, keep researching, you'll be surprised what else you can learn and there is no such thing as being over knowledged. at 7 weeks old they shouldn't be having to dropper feed the puppies. they should be starting to eat on their own. and as for the sugar water, it isn't necessary to use it as a precautionary step. i know when there's hypoglycemia present a lot of breeders recommend nutracal. but i'm not 100% on that. i'm still researching and will be talking to chiwi's vet about diet and sugar levels today.
Another thing I thought of.. While you're searching for a puppy, read Chihuahuas for Dummies. You will not have time to read after you get the puppy. He/She requires all of your attention almost 24/7 the first few weeks/months. Not that I think you're dumb. It's just that chi puppies are different. Every other kind of pup I've had - you bring them home, give them lots of love, and keep an eye on them untill they're through trying to eat your entire house while they're teething.

Chihuahuas are different in that they have longer life expectancies than other breeds, but seem to be harder to get started as puppies. You need to be sure you know what's going on if your chi pup suddenly won't eat or becomes lethargic or makes funny sneezy sounds, and all those things plus many others are very likely to happen with a chihuahua.

I think "for dummies" are the best books because of the way they break info down. I used the GRE for Dummies to pass my grad school entrance exams and Grants for Dummies to acquire a major grant for the school in which I teach. So, don't be insulted by the title - and - read the book. :)
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Chihuahuas are different in that they have longer life expectancies than other breeds

oh yeah, we have 3 chi's at my job ages 15, 22 and (drum roll) 25!!!!
25!! :shock: Oh my goodness. I can only hope we are that lucky with ours. What do you feed yours? LOL :D
well i talked to the one owner of the 22 year old and since he only has one canine top tooth he eats baby food and "whatever else he wants he is 22 he earned it" lol. he's also a little mean and i let him bite me, i won't muzzle him for the nail trim lol that one tooth don't hurt and at 22 he earned the right o be grumpy lol. the other 2 i am unsure what they eat.

*note if you give baby food make sure it doesn't have garlic, since that's a no no for dog's....
luvmypuppet said:
*note if you give baby food make sure it doesn't have garlic, since that's a no no for dog's....
i think that's a debatable fact. in large quantities it is dangerous, but many people give their dogs garlic, garlic supplements, garlic dog food, etc to help prevent fleas and they have no problems. ;)

as far as the finding the perfect chi goes, just be patient. you don't want to be in a hurry and get an unhealthy puppy. make sure you get it from a breeder you trust. i was cheated by a breeder with my current chi (she has a genetic heart murmur and the breeder denied it and wouldn't do anything about it). if you don't feel comfortable about the situation, i know it's hard, but keep looking! there are lots of chis out there and there is one that has your name all over it. this puppy is going to be with you for a looong time so it's worth waiting for the perfect one! :) good luck!!!
Boogaloo said:
25!! :shock: Oh my goodness. I can only hope we are that lucky with ours. What do you feed yours? LOL :D
AMEN i want a 25 year old for sure!
You are doing the right thing asking your questions so dont worry about asking them. In time you will find your perfect baby and we will be here to help you along the way. Many of us knew nothing - we learn along the way....and now we can help others that need to know what is important. :wave:
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