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Hello everyone, I'm new here, so hi :)

I have a 18 month year old Chihuahua called Colin, and have just recently moved from my parents house (where he had two dogs for companions) to my own flat. He howls and barks when left alone and I'm really concerned about upsetting the neighbours. Do you have any hints or tips on how to curb his barking when left alone?

Many thanks in advance :)

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Welcome! I've only had this problem once; and it was a dog I'd adopted out to someone in an apartment. She was quiet at our house but apartment life was different so she started barking any time she was alone.

Then she told me she bought a Sonic Egg from PetCo and it helped immediately lol. It's this little ultra-sensitive device that you place in the room where the dog is. It senses barking and emits a high frequency tone to interrupt the dog. Dogs don't like the sound, so they learn quick that it's barking that triggers it. But I've heard reviews that it was REALLY sensitive (as in, went off when someone sneezed) so my advice would be to just turn it off when you're home; so you don't set it off accidentally but still make sure that you do correct her when she barks; as it'll confuse her if sometimes she's allowed to; and sometimes gets a beep. Consistency is key; and I've heard those sonic things have worked great on some stubborn dogs when their owners couldn't be home to correct them.
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I've seen those at Petsmart and the trainer there said it works well. I personally havent used it but it sounds like it might work.
It does help if they are tired....have a good big walkies in the morning ...before
you leave...
Devil's advocate but how about another dog as a friend to help with the anxiety?

Failing that I agree with the big walk in the morning reply.
I have the same issue with Lacey. She howls to the point where even if I'm in the next room over at my parents' home, she will howl and howl and howl. I've tried a Bark-Off, which works with my mum's dogs, but she doesn't give a care in the world. She just keeps on howling.
My landlord informed me that my "cat howls" when I leave. She sounds like a dying cat or perhaps a cat in heat. :foxes15:
I'm off to do some research on that Sonic Egg. I work at Petco and didn't even know they existed o_O
Cat my old neighbor got so mad at me or this but Dottie soon got over it and would stop but she had cats for company..?
I personally would never use that sonic egg or anything that has a high pitch that only dogs hear, you have to realize these things are made for dogs of all sizes.

So to a little one it must hurt their ears very badly.

I tried one with Timmy when he was young, it was remote controlled, I did it once when he barked and saw a huge pain on his face, and he started shaking his head from side to side like something was bothering his ears.

I threw it in the garbage the very same day.

Maybe try putting on the tv or a radio when you leave. I have read that works very well.
It sounds like he has separation anxiety. Might be worth it to work on that? You'd probably need to start at square one. I agree with tiring him out--it will really help!
Hi i think he needs a brother or sister can you have 2 pets now may be the time id love another for buster to have a friend just isnt the right time though for me
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