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Oh yes!

I use the "Leave it" command.
When I just had Sandy she was always picking up stuff outside. Mostly pieces of sticks and toad stools. She has learned that if she doesn't drop whatever it is I will pry open her mouth and take it. LOL And she doesn't want that!
Koke is not quite as bad, and Sandy has gotten better, not picking us as much junk anymore. But I watch them like a hawk, because I don't want them getting sick.
I saw on Emergency Vets one time a dog was eating rocks and had to be operated on to remove them. The vet said most dogs don't eat the rocks, but usually the ones that do continue to do it so you must remove all the rocks from your yard.

I walk mine around the yard with their leashes on because they can fit through the slats in the fence. It also makes it easier for me to watch what they are getting into.
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