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babyjane1968 said:
im still trying to teach honey to drop things,sometimes she runs off at speed an ive got a hell of a job catching her
lol. i have to do the same thing with bella! a friend of mine told me chihuahua's were used in mexico to raom the streets and pick up trash..i believe this because bella will walk around with her nose draggind the carpet to try to eat anything she comes across. she'll run and hide under the bed if i catch her doing this and say no. a few days ago she came to me and started hacking and coughing and then threw up, i looked at it to see what it was and in the midst of hair i found the nose to one of my stuffed animals! so be very careful of this. i make sure her toys have no dangerous pieces but she usually never messes with mine. hopefully she learned her lesson on that one...probably not :wink:
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