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Hoochie Poochie Halter Dress

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Ok, I was driving home yesterday and I was thinking of this design. I got home and started with making a pattern. I was up till 2 am (well, some of that time was watching a movie) and got it mostly finished. I am going to add some silver studs, but didn't have any - so I have to go buy them today!!!

I know it's not done yet, but wanted opinions anyway! Thanks!
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Traci, That is so adorable!! I love the style of it!!!!!!!! :D
I love the style too! I haven't been around much lately - are you selling these??
Yes, I am selling them. I can also make a matching leash to go with it. The dress is $25 and $35 for the dress & leash! The dress has a d-ring for the leash, too. I have alot of other outfits I can show you. If your interested in seeing more - just pm me! I am working on getting my website up - just takes a little time!

I really like this outfit - I think it will look much better when I add the silver studs!

she's going to make the boys crazy in that one :D :D

kisses nat
Thats a great dress!! :D
I honestly wasn't sure I liked it until I saw it on Mia. Now I think it's sensational! That bear does not do it justice. :lol:
That is the cutest little dress!! I love it! :D :D
Thats great - really pretty and adorable. It looks great!!!
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