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Horrible News Story

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This was in my paper today.

Basically a woman freaked when a chi pup sniffed her, grabbed the leash from the 11 year old boys' hands and snapped the dogs neck. DISGUSTING

TheSpec - Woman charged after she snaps neck of boy

This is just disgusting they won't release the woman's name for safety reasons. I wish someone would "slip up" and release it.

This is a follow up from the family
TheSpec - A wish from Finnegan
It has become a bit of a big deal in our city people are all hoping to get her name. For her sake she had better hope nobody ever does.
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thats disgusting and that woman needs locking away if anyone did that to my dogs i would make her fell the pain that my dog felt.
She needs locking up in a mental hospital
My thoughts exactly...
I am reading some of the comments on the article.. WOW I can't believe some people. They are saying that maybe the woman had a fear of dogs and it was her "natural reaction". Um, sorry, but unless a dog was mauling my dogs or I, I would never try to injure it. That woman deserves to be locked up.
Makes me sick to my stomach. I can't even imagine the trauma that child went threw. Finn's life is not any less valuable than her's. Things catch up to people...
That is so sad. Honestly what kind of fear can you have of a 5 pound dog and an 11 yr old boy? Why couldn't she just walk away? People scare me we spend so much time and take such care to make sure our dogs are friendly and tolerant of strangers and then stuff likes this happens. It just hurts my heart.
wow..... I hate seeing this ..... why are people such morons?? RIP little one
That poor dog, BUT, that poor poor boy to witness his dog killed right in front of him. My Grandson's name is Cody, and my heart was bleeding reading this. If he saw Jaden killed in front of him, I can't even imagine. UGH! I wanna smack that woman!
This makes me sick. Bless that poor lil Chi =( People get so angry so quick! How terrible for that child to lose his brother & see it happen right in front of his little eyes! Bless little Cody & their family too! :sad5:
Wow, I can not believe some people. That poor little dog and especially boy for having to watch his dog be killed like that. R.I.P Little finn and I hope that karma pays that woman a visit... horrible :(
hi that story got me naseated such a tragady for the child to witness horrible
That is an atrocity. I hope they find out her name....
OMG! how could someone do that! The poor dog and i can't even begin to imagine what trauma the little boy went through ...
Ugh, that woman is absoloutely sick. Just sick. I can relate to what that boy went through as I saw my Chi killed as well... I know how he probably felt. You know, maybe someone should go snap that woman's neck...

Can't believe the one comment saying the people that are upset are "brainwashed" and there are "more important articles" and blah blah blah.

That article pulled at my heart and I almost cried. RIP Finn. :(
What a dreadful story, makes me sick hearing articles like this.
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