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Ive had my little 18 month old boy for a while now and i have let him settled in, which he has done nicely. I got him off a breader that no longer wanted him because he has a refined testical and is no good to her!!
When we first got him off her we asked if he was house trained and she "claimed" he was. Yet as he settled in he started to poo and pee all round the house..
A week or so ago i visited my pet store and purchased some training pads. put one away from his food and water and bed and he continued to do his business elsewhere (on the laminate flooring!!!!) he does not do his business in the front room or on any sort of carpet however i noticed that he did start doing his "business" near the back door. so throughout the day time i decided to leave the door open, to which he continued to mess in the house. I put the training pads near the back door which he sometimes uses.

I'm not too sure what else to do as with bigger dogs the training way is "rub their nose in it" but i dont want to do that with my chi. I also have a rottie and he is house trained and never ever messes in the house!

Does anyone have any advice on how to train them? or if im going wrong somewhere etc because its really starting to niggle me!

I love my boy to pieces and he is the most gorgeous looking boy ever but his toilet habbits are starting to get in the way??????

Jazmin, Dante + Satan! :p
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