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I got my two rescued chis recently; Chiquita (5 years old) about two months ago and Vana (a year and a half) about a month ago. They were both "house trained" but we've had some ups and downs. I'm using crates. Actually the last four days or so went well, but I've just realized that I need them to both be okay with peeing and pooping in the back yard (if I'm sick and can't take them on a walk, they'll need to go out back). UP until now I've been taking them out back a few times a day, but more often we go on a walk. Vana will do her business either way, but Chiquita DOESN'T want to do anything in the back yard.

So today I decided I would try to train her to go in the yard. My plan was/is to keep Chiquita in her crate and take her out back every few hours until she pees and/or poops out there--and then I'll give her a treat and take both of them on a walk. Unfortunately, so far Chiquita hasn't done anything outside, while Vana has peed out back once and once on a walk (I'm taking her on walks, but not Chiquita). I don't know if I should be treating both dogs the same, but Vana wants her walks and there's no reason she shouldn't go, so I've taken her.

Meanwhile I've written to the woman who runs the rescue organization where I got them. She's a trainer and I'm waiting to hear back from her.

But here's the heartbreaking part: the last time I took Chiquita out, by this time begging her to pee, she started shivering even though it wasn't cold. I realized that she's frightened by this change in routine. I feel so bad. But if I take her out on a walk now, we would waste the morning's efforts. But I hate to see her looking so sad :-(

Has anyone had a similar problem? How did it work out? Any suggestions, anyone?
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