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Housetraining: back yard or pee pads?

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Hi! I'm looking over the best ways to housetrain my baby, and I'm wondering what would be better: to train him to go outside, or on a peepad? See, right now it's summer, so I am home with him almost all day, but come Sptember, I'll be at school for 7 hours or so. We have a very large backyard, but because of the school issue [and nobody else will be home either] I wonder--would it be better, in your personal opinions, to yard or pad train him? Thanks in advance!
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You might want to start with one of the brands that has the scent added that's suppose to attract them to potty on.
After he gets the hang of it, you can switch to a cheaper brand.

Also, you didn't say where you live.
It gets really cold here in the winter usually, and I don't take mine outside when the temperature gets down in the teens and below, so the pads are a must in the winter.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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