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Housetraining: back yard or pee pads?

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Hi! I'm looking over the best ways to housetrain my baby, and I'm wondering what would be better: to train him to go outside, or on a peepad? See, right now it's summer, so I am home with him almost all day, but come Sptember, I'll be at school for 7 hours or so. We have a very large backyard, but because of the school issue [and nobody else will be home either] I wonder--would it be better, in your personal opinions, to yard or pad train him? Thanks in advance!
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Outdoors, definitely. If yours is a puppy, you may want to use the potty pads as a training tool, that way he knows to use them instead of the carpet if you're not home.

The vet and trainers told me that puppies can hold their bladders for up to 8-9 hours, one hour per their age in months. A 4 month old pup shouldn't be expected to hold it more than 4 hours. After 8-9 months, the pup should be able to hold his or her bladder for 8 or 9 hours with no problems. I took away the potty pads when Cooper was about 10 months old because I was coming home and there was no potty on the pads - and he was waiting by the back door doing the pee dance! LOL

If you have a back yard, then training to go outside would be best for both of you. But using the potty pads is helpful in that training, especially if you're not home and he's got to go.
I just bought the store brand or whatever was there and cheap. But luck was on my side because from day one, Cooper wanted to go potty outside so he rarely used the pads. Someone else might be able to suggest a brand that can hold liquid better than the cheap-os.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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