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Housetraining: back yard or pee pads?

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Hi! I'm looking over the best ways to housetrain my baby, and I'm wondering what would be better: to train him to go outside, or on a peepad? See, right now it's summer, so I am home with him almost all day, but come Sptember, I'll be at school for 7 hours or so. We have a very large backyard, but because of the school issue [and nobody else will be home either] I wonder--would it be better, in your personal opinions, to yard or pad train him? Thanks in advance!
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Thanks so much for a quick response!

So a mixture of the two, like taking him outside when we're home, but leaving the pads when we're not?

That sounds like a good idea to me--meanwhile, does anyone have a specific brand of pee pads that are good for them? I have heard the Out! is good.
TuckersMom said:
Just don't get the Hartz brand. Several of us on the forum found that our pups would drag this particular brand around and tear them up, too. Don't know why but it's true. :?
We tried the Hartz on our Yorkie when he was younger...he did exactly what, so we sort of swore off pads, not realizing it could be the particular brand. I just don't trust Hartz products..horror stories and whatnot.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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