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Mr Bigs Mummy said:
Great thread.
My little boy was the smallest in his litter weighing in at 2.4oz at birth, and his two brothers were 4oz each so almost double his size.

He is 15 months old now and weighs just under 4lbs, so he is certainly an ickle one!.

I have just seen the weight chart posted in another thread, it is sooo interesting. But now sure how accurate it is because it says that one born the weight Mr Big was would be 2lb fully grown, which seem awfully small!!! :) I think I would be really scared that I would damage him if he was only that weight

I personally do not think it matters how much they weigh, you are never going to get one that is huge :D

Just out of interest though, I wonder who has the smallest fully grown chi on the site and how much they weigh :)

i posted this in the articles section

and i think the one with the smallest would be sandra her baby girl is such a tiny thing!

i agree i don't care if chiwi turns out to be 10 pounds... wait yes i do this girl don't walk i ahve to carry her everywhere she better stay under 5 at least lol!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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