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? How can a put a little weight on my Chi

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First, this site is addicting. Okay, here is my question. I have a 8 month old Chi. At least I think he is 8 month. Well, the orginal owner was feeding him food that wasn't good for him. I have the dog now on Royal Canin. Is there something else I can feed him to fat him up..well at least put somemore meat on. I know Chi's are pretty slim, but you can kind of see Chi Chi spinal. I also let him free feed.
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There's a couple things I have found that works good...

Feed him canned food a couple times a day and free feed him the dry food...

give him cottage cheese...

I put cheddar cheese in gadgets canned food morning and night.. adn I free feed him his dry food..

You might also try the royal canin for chihuahuas.

good luck
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Some of the dog foods are higher in calories and fat than others. Check the labels - sorry I don't know which ones.

I'm a firm believer in using a really good, quality food. Yes, it costs a little more but they contain much more healthy ingredients and a lot less filler, so you usually feed less. That said, I don't consider any of the supermarket or discount store foods to be quality foods. Yes, I am very picky about what I feed Jasmine, and this is just my opinion. For the past couple of months, I have been feeding Royal Canin. Jasmin loves it, and she is doing well on it. Her coat is healthy and shiny too. Treats are fine, and I have used most of the treats listed in the other post at one time or another.

Good luck on fattening up your baby.
Personally I don't use Royal Canin, but I know it's good.

You may not want to make efforts to fatten your pup up. Just being off a bad food and on such a good food might do the trick. How long has your puppy been eating Royal Canin?
Good advice from Frasier's mom, if your chi is on a proper diet, they will fill out to a good normal weight and body fitness. Trying to fatten your pup up within a short period of time can do more harm than good, wait and see how your pup does on the new diet, and in a few months if its still skinny, consult your vet about supplementing or changing diets.
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