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How do you get those cute pics as your avatars?

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I tried to get a pic from my computer but nothing happened. How do you get the cute siggies too? I posted the link to my Chi's dogster page under pics but now I'm wondering if I should have posted it in a different section. I feel so lost, I don't post here often. Thanks for any help you give me. :?
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Don't worry; if you post something in the wrong section, one of us mods will move it to the right one. It's no big deal at all; I'm just glad you posted a link so we can see your doggie! :)

As far as putting a picture by your name, open up your profile page and scroll down to where it says Avatar control panel. There you can browse to the picture you want to use. Then click submit. The picture must be smaller than 10 kb. If you don't know how to re-size a picture, just let me know. You can email it to me and I will do it for you.
I tried but nothing happened. I don't know how to downsize them either. I'll email you a pic okay? Thank you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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