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My dogs are hoarders, anything that they like or can get there lil paws on. lil toy cars, oven mits, batteries,trash, shinny things, paper trash, silverware, i even seen a broom sticking out of there cage! How can i stop them from doing this? people can even take off there shoes in my house with the dogs going right behind them and burying in there cave. please help its sooo fusterating!
Since I got my girl I had to move alot of stuff around. She has access to nothing anymore basically. My daughter keeps her room closed and nothing around the house anymore. How did they get a broom in there??!

Have you managed to see how do they get to all the things? Do they climb up on things? How are they getting it? Batteries can be dangerous so I guess you are going to have to put stuff like that up high where they cant reach it. Basically babyproof.

You probably have to catch them in the act and give them their toys instead. It is kind of cute that they are little monkies but frustrating I bet!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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