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Just had an interested AIM conversation with my hubby (I'm at work) :p (I cooked a beef Roast on Monday, and was going to do something with it but just haven't so it sits in the fridge) His response gave me a laugh......

(10:40:43 AM) Hubby: I needed something to eat and I had my mouth set for steak and eggs but the roast is several shades of green so I decided to hell with it and grabbed a hotdog, all we had was cheap ones that I shouldn't be eating
(10:41:49 AM) Hubby: if eating hebrew nationals was like eating a porterhouse steak cooked to perfection, these bar-s dogs (which I used to love) are baloney in comparison.
(10:42:40 AM) Me: lol
(10:42:43 AM) Me: sorry babe
(10:42:51 AM) Me: did you throw out the roast?
(10:43:11 AM) Hubby: and risk the wrath of heather? hell no
(10:43:24 AM) Me: ha ha, was just saying it can still be fed to the brats
(10:43:50 AM) Hubby: I know, this is how you get meats for the brats.

ETA: Hubby reminded me I didn't actually cook the whole roast, I made stir fry out of it, and just put the part I didn't use back in the fridge so it wasn't cooked.
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