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I have grown up with all kinds of dogs, the first I remember was our beagle Julie, she was so sweet. All the other dogs in my life were all large breeds. I really got in to dogs when I lived in Washington state with my cousin who bred collies and showed them. For two years I got to experience showing and breeding. Then I moved back home and got in to Irish Setters, a very beautiful breed of dogs. My mom and dad got a divorce, and I had to give up my animals for a while. When I met my husband I begged for a dog. He did not grow up with animals at all. He finally said I could have a mini doxie, and at this point I wasn't going to argue about what kind of dog. So we had a few mini doxie's that we loved dearly. I had wanted a Jack Russell, and I finally got her. Peanut is one of a kind Jack Russell, Not hyper, or out of control like some are known for.
She had a litter of pups, and a lady I worked with bought one of the females. She later bred her, and I bought one of the pups, which was Peanuts grand pup. We Named her Shelby. Well Shelby turned out to be one of the worst dogs I have ever had. I tried so many things to train her, she was just on her own page... She didn't want to be with us, she would rather be outside barking, digging etc... I spent so much money trying to make her fit in with us. Finally I said to my husband I wanted a dog that wants to be with us. So Shelby went to the perfect home for her. Big ranch with more then a half acre, where she had lots of room to run, bark, dig, and she also had another Jack Russell to play with. Even though Shelby drove us crazy, we cried for over a week. The day after Shelby left is when I went to look at some Chihuahua's. I had a color in my head that I wanted, one that looks like Fizzy, but the people had 2 females, one was a fawn and white, and the other was a blue & tan. The fawn & white was 6 weeks old, and didn't want anything to do with me, but the blue & tan was 12 weeks old, and she came and laid in my lap. The people said that she had never done that with any of the people that had looked at the pups. I knew then that this was the Chi for me. Smidgen always wants to be with me, where ever I am at in the house, she is there. When she looks at me I know what she is thinking. She has had 3 litters of pups, I kept one "Chassis" But if I talk to Smidgen and say Where is baby Taz, or baby Trinket, she knows I am talking about her babies. Like I said I have had many breeds of dogs, but My 2 Chi's have grabbed on to our hearts, and we aren't letting go... Sorry this was sooo long....
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