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How long before my puppy will accept my NEW puppy

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I got Daisy on friday afternoon and as of Monday afternoon, my Chi Jasmine, is still really hateful towards her. The puppy, Daisy, just wants to play but Jasmine is growling, snarling and biting at her. Daisy bites, barks and growls back, but she is truly playing, puppy style. Jasmine is only 5 months, still a puppy, but does not want anything to do with Daisy. Should I force the issue? Jasmine hides until Daisy is put in her cage because DAisy follows her and chases her trying to play. This is not going at all as I thought. Jasmine loves our other dog and loved her sister. Any advice? It makes me sad because my older dog also is not friendly with the puppy. :cry:
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I love the name Jasmine. :)

I understand your worry, but it's still really early to say how the relationship between the two dogs will turn out. Surely, Daisy is getting lots of extra attention and Jasmine sees this. Make sure to give Jasmine extra lovin' over the next few weeks.

My advise would be that as long as Jasmine isn't hurting Daisy, let Jasmine teach her some boundries. Jasmine will show her what she will put up with and what she won't. One of them is going to end up being the boss, and my guess is, it will be Jasmine. You have to let it happen. Just supervise the time that they spend together for now. If things start getting too rough, separate them and try again a few hours later, but don't yell at Jasmine, because she's not being "bad", she's just doing what comes naturally. Don't tell her "No!", tell her "Easy". Oh! And when she's gentle with the puppy, praise her! :)

We've had our puppy, Piper, for about five months now and there are still certain things that she does that Gizmo CANNOT STAND, and he lets her know it too! He snarls and snaps at her, be hasn't even come close to hurting her. But, she used to do alot of things that he didn't like, and alot of those things have stopped. I really think he's teaching her in a way.

Hope this helps. Hang in there! :)
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it takes time--took like 3 weeks for the "hatred" to go to "hey your ok" to now three months they are buddies like Owned said with their own limits.
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