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How long....

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...Does it take for your Chi to be collar/harness broken? Luna absolutely hates hers right now. She's usually so frisky, but when I put it on, it's like she goes dead. She just sits there and watches me. And I feel like monster for doing it. :( So I was just wondering, what's normal? How long did it take for your Chis?
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Angel took to hers right away. She walked around trying to bite it for a little while but it never really bothered her.

My mom had a toy poodle years ago that would not wear a collar or leash. She would just freeze in whatever position she was in and not move at all until it was removed. She never wore a collar when she was a pup though so maybe she would have been ok with it if introduced to a collar earlier on. Or maybe some small dogs just refuse to tolerate them? :scratch:
I don't imagine Lily ever wore a collar or harness before I adopted her at the age of 2. The first time I put a harness on her she just sat down, didn't have a clue what to do. After just a few moments she was back on her feet and exploring, totally oblivious to the harness. She's been fine with it ever since. She knows the harness = a walk so she gets very excited when I show it to her. :lol:
:wink: Don't feel the end if for her safety and she has to learn...sometimes it takes a while because they feel weird...Stinky acts like that when I put something that has velcro on him... :scratch: I don't know why...but if you do it daily eventually she will get the hang of it. :wink:
Bindi still hates hers.............I think that is her permanent descion :?
KB mamma said:
Bindi still hates hers.............I think that is her permanent descion :?
Is that her final answer? lololol

I put a harness on Jolie for the first time 2 days ago. She bit at it then got interested in something else. But she fell over "crippled" when i put a t- shirt on her for the first time. Yesterday she wore a shirt to town to get her puppy shot. Afterwards we went to mc D's and got her a happy meal. I told hubby she has only been in the car twice since we got home with her and i wanted her to associate riding in the car with something pleasant and not just going to the vet,,,thus the happy meal. (which i ate but gave her tidbits). :lol:
I put a collar on Cooper the moment I got him. I bought it at a ferret supply store and it fit him perfectly. (Yeah, that's in his baby book, too. LOL) He didn't mind it all that much but I figured that with all the feelings of being overwhelmed from leaving his "home" and going to this new place where people kept going "awwwwwwww" right in his face, the collar was the least of his worries. LOL

Now, if I take it off him for some reason, he freaks out and doesn't stop until I put it back on.

My suggestion is leave the collar or harness on her. Especially if it's a collar - you'll want a way to put her tags and ID on her at some point. You may also want to put it on her then, a few minutes later, try to distract her with toys or treats so she forgets she's got it on. If she views it as being a postitive experience, she will get used to wearing it a lot sooner. :D
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jacob took to his straight away but im finding it real hard with ruby she is soooo stubbon but i finally had a stroke of luck today and she can be bribed with corned beef
Great topic!

Wiz acts catatonic when I place his harness on him. I haven't yet had him a full week and I have put it on him everyday. I have decided that he will wear it all day today, or until I have a nervous breakdown.
Lina still doesn't care much for a collar and she's 1yr. But, it took her a little while to get used to her Harness and leash. The minute I got it I put it on her and let her walk around in it. Then when she was to the point where she would let me put it on her without fussing, I put the leash on her and let her walk around with it (in the house of course). She's great with both of them now :) She actually sees me get them out and runs to me cause she knows she's going too lol.
Pixie scratched at her collar for weeks and weeks...she is almost 4 months old and still scratches sometimes but I think she has finally accepted it.
Thanks for all the replies. I'll hang in there, no matter how many woebegone looks I get from her. :lol:
I have been putting clothes and harnesses and collars on gadget since he was like a 4 weeks old.. he has never had a problem except whent he harness had to go over his head... so I took and put a clip on the neck part.. after that he stopped being a pain to get it on.. he loves his harness.. he knows he gets to go somewhere when he gets it one....
i tried corned beef to bribe ruby to walk tonight its working yay
I was lucky and never had a problem with Auggie and his harness He took to it almost right away. In fact after putting it on about 6 times he started to help by putting his leg in the harder side to put on that is just the closed hole so we only have to snap it. We did make the mistake much later of putting his tags on the harness and he hated it. He would just lay down and not move Neddless to say his tags are not on his harness I thinkk it must have been the jingling noise :roll:
Ok. This is going to be tougher than I thought. Every time I put it on, she just lays down in one spot--she doesn't eat, drink, potty, or anything!!! :shock:
Am I supposed to just ignore her and wait until she gets too hungry to sulk? Or should I take if off for her to go potty, eat and drink and then put it back on?? This is so confusing! And she's so stubborn!!!! :x :( Help!!!!!!!!!
:lol: :lol: I have this mental image of her just plopping down on the floor and staring up at you. :lol: :lol:

I'd leave it on her and ignore her temper tantrum. You might try sitting on the floor where she can see you and get out a toy or a yummy bone and play with it all by yourself... see if you can entice her to come to you all by her lonesome.

The first time I put a collar on OmaKitty, I swear she didn't move for a week. LOL (The next week, she figured out how to take it off all by herself.)
my mr. beefy is 1 1/2 years old, and he always acted like i was killing him when i put him in a harness, but hes litter box trained, and we live in CT, so most of the year its too cold to take him out much anyway. a few weeks ago i was getting ready to take my son for a walk, and i didn't even consider taking the dogs, since they usually don't want to go. but beefy actually went and got his harness and brought it to me, and since then he has been much better about putting it on. i think sometimes the more you try to make them do things your way, the more they feel like putting up a fight. you might do better to associate the harness with something good, with beefy i would always give him a treat and then take him outside as soon as he let me put it on. i didn't think it was working, but obviously, when he wanted to go outside, he knew to get the harness.
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