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How many eggs is too many?

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My dogs are crazy about eggs. They would eat them everyday if they could. They practically do backflips as soon as egg hits the frying pan. At the moment they get a scrambled egg to share between the two of them about every 2nd day. I'm wondering if this is too much since eggs are high in fat? The rest of their diet is primarily made up of raw kangaroo mince which is very lean (nutritionally almost identical to venison) with a few raw chicken wings a week too. I don't want to take their treat away but I also know too much of a good thing can be no good at all - what do you nutrition experts think?
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I think eggs are fine. Lightly scrambled is fine. Maybe just cook them a little less and less until they are mostly runny. You can go to USDA data (sorry don't have the website right in front of me) and put in a raw egg versus a scrambled egg to see the differences in the nutrients.

I know people who feed eggs almost daily. Others a couple times a week. Others just one a month. It's really up to you. It's a good food and if you feed the shell as well, they are getting a nice boost of natural calcium/phosphorus. Yummm.... crunchy scrambled eggs anyone? LOL

Eggs can give some dogs loose stools so be aware of that and feed to bowel tolerance. Brody gets an egg about 1-2 times a week or whenever I forget to thaw his raw foods.

Dogs NEED fat in their diets. They dont' get clogged arteries or high cholesterol like people do. Fats are essential to them and aren't unhealthy. Fats are necessary for energy in dogs and they also help with skin/coat. Dogs do NOT do well on low fat diets.
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Absolutely, low fat diet is a no go.
I always enjoy your posts, we seem to agree on a lot. Do you agree that
there are bad and good fats? I consider butter and cooking oil bad fat.
LS I like your posts too. :)

Yes there are good and bad fats. I wouldn't give a dog butter for example on a regular basis. But I would let them eat the skin with a chicken breast. I would allow them to eat the marbling and fat on a steak for example as well. I wouldn't give a dog vegetable oil such as corn oil, etc.

I prefer to stick with animal fats.... fish oil being a big one that I believe benefits most dogs. The jury is out on some of the plant oils such as flax or lecithin which is a primary ingredient in many supplements marketed to dogs. (Missing Link for example). Some people have seen some very nice improvements to coat and health with the addition of coconut oil.

Having said that, I also believe in moderation. If for example, you are trying to get a dog to eat organs on a raw diet and they are resistant, searing in a hot pan with a bit of butter would be permissible in my book. I wouldn't want to see someone give their dog butter on a daily basis, but as a small treat or extra? Yeah, it's probably fine.
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Tracy - what do you think is the biggest benefit Brody receives from
Fish Oil ?
When supplementing with fish oil, you are giving the dog omega 3 fatty acids which are often missing in the diet. The benefits include healthy skin and coat with not a speck of dryness or dandruff (easy to see on a black short coat). Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It is important for joints as well. It is essential to a healthy immune system.

Fish oil is especially beneficial for dogs with immune problems, dry skin, or allergies. But it certainly is a great supplement for a healthy dog as well.
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