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How many eggs is too many?

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My dogs are crazy about eggs. They would eat them everyday if they could. They practically do backflips as soon as egg hits the frying pan. At the moment they get a scrambled egg to share between the two of them about every 2nd day. I'm wondering if this is too much since eggs are high in fat? The rest of their diet is primarily made up of raw kangaroo mince which is very lean (nutritionally almost identical to venison) with a few raw chicken wings a week too. I don't want to take their treat away but I also know too much of a good thing can be no good at all - what do you nutrition experts think?
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Our chi gets a raw egg every other day or so, our bigger dog more often.

We also feed an omega-3 supplement for all of the reasons listed above. The idea behind supplementing with it is that corn fed meat is proportionally lower in omega 3's than pastured meat. Since most of us feed commercial meat most of the time the supplement makes up for that difference. Also for dogs with certain issues a high omega 3 diet is very beneficial.

Most of the research out there shows that flax oil is much harder for dogs (and not much easier for people) to process in their bodies, so most people's omega-3 supplement of choice is fish oil. Eating eggs that come from chickens fed a high omega 3 diet is another way to add omega 3's, but I don't think it really takes the place of a good fish oil supplement.
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