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How many is too many?

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Hello everyone...I'm new here, and this looks like a great group. I've been reading everyone's posts and am thrilled to have someone to talk to (I think I'm boring all my family and friends). But, I have a question...It looks like quite a few people have more than one chi. Could someone give me some input. Does it work out? Is it hard to potty train? I have a situation where I already have two (saved) dogs. A Golden Retriever and a chi. Now......someone else is asking be to (save) another chi. Taco (my chi) who is 10 1/2 mos, is really large (12 lbs.)and neutered. Buster (my Golden Retriever) is 80 lbs., neutered, old and a couch potato. This new chi is female, very small. Does this sound like something that could work out. I'm a little worried about the size difference between the two chi's. I would like for Taco to have a playmate, (Buster doens't play much), but I'm worred about the size difference. Could Taco hurt her? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks bunches! :wave:
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How big is the girl? My boy is like 8-9lbs and he beat the crap out of my girl right from when she was 1lb 10oz....and she is tough as nails.....she is now only it really might depend. They will learn what is too much and what is ok as the other dog will be sure to let then know. They get "soft mouths" with each other while it looks frightening (as you may know already) its ok....

I say especially since your 80lb dog is gentle it woudl be ok....

let us know what you decide
Are those your babies? Soooooo...adorable. Which one is which? The girl is only 4 mos. old, I'd say maybe 2-2 1/2 lbs. I would probably keep them separated when I wasn't there, at least until she was older. The male chi that I have is VERY playful. Sometimes I have to tell him to leave the 80 lb. Golden alone, because he pesters so bad. I'm just a little worried that he would do the same to her and she could get hurt. It sounds silly that I'm worried about the chi and not the Golden Retriever, but that's just how it is at my house. Thanks so much for your input. I love having people in the know to talk to about this.
Yes they are mine....Bindi is the one facing she is 7 mos and Kemo is the side view he is 2. :wave:
I think it would probly work out. As long as the big dog is gentle. Chi's seemto prefer their own kind. I would just keep them supervised for a while untill you are comfortable leaving them alone. I have three Chi's and they love each other, they can really get into some major "arguments" though! :wink: It sounds worse than it looks!! Hope things work out for you. This is a wonderful Forum! Welcome!

pictures of my three Chi's...
If the female is2 to 2-1/2 lbs at 4 mos., she may not be too small. Jasmine weighed just under 3 lbs at 4 mos., and now at 8 mos. she is at 5 lbs. While I know this sounds small compared to your 12 lb male, it is really not considered tiny by chi standards.

As for the training and extra work involved, I don't think it would be that significant. As long as you feel the female would integrate well into your family and with your other pets, you should be fine. Let us know what you decide.

BTW, welcome. :wave:
I think it could definetly work out. Sound slike the Chi will be at least 4 lbs as an adult..which sounds tiny against 12 but...My chi is 3 lbs at 2 years and plays like crazy all the time with my 9.5 lb chinese crested Keera is 3 times her size. We have had no problems...but then again Keera barely has teeth!
I have 1 and for now I am very happy having 1... He is the light of my life... (not counting amanda)
Gadget's Mom said:
He is the light of my life...
Then how come you never talk about him? :D :D :D :D :D
Rachael Polachek said:
Gadget's Mom said:
He is the light of my life...
Then how come you never talk about him? :D :D :D :D :D
Yeah good Question! :lol: :wink:
My parents have a 90lb black lab and they get along pretty well. Labs have a great nature to them, so they will probably be okay. I would, however, watch them with extreme caution for quite a while!
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