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How much did you pay for your chi

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Hey i was just wondering what everyone paid for their chi's - coco is a long hair chihuahua kc'd pedigree certificate - and i got her at 7months and she cost me £500 - i know it is a bit much for a doggie that has already lived with someone before - but my coco didnt like that woman anyway (scared her to death) and well she's well worth the every wee penny! :D
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I'm wondering what the difference can be in pups that are advertised for £600 and £1000!? Why such a big difference when they are both say long or short coats and male or female etc!? Does this mean that a pup for say £600 wouldn't turn out as good as the £1000 or just breeders trying to cash in on the demand as they know people out there will pay this kind of money!?

I paid £550 for my baby and she was from a 5 generation, including champion show dogs, she's registered, she's of show standard, I viewed the parents and even the grandparents when I got her etc etc etc!! So what more or better would I get for £1000.... I ask myself!?? :? :? Not that I care about all that stuff because she's beautiful without it but I thought that price was very reasonable and I think I was very lucky. But now as I browse through the ads I can't find anything under £900!! :shock:

Lucie & Lola :wave:
yeah you're totally right there - when i was trying to find coco a man was asking for £1000 each for two long hair males- they had to be homed together and they had already been living with him for a couple of months (he wanted to get rid of them because his other dogs didnt get on with them) - it is expensive to breed all the things you need to buy and if they need a section but its not 1000 per pup - thats just ourageous! I blame paris hilton!
LovelyChiPupz said:
I blame paris hilton!
:lol: :lol: You know, i've been telling my husband that we got Chico at just the right time, because right after we got him, it seemed like the prices for chi's just went sky high because of I'm not saying celebs don't love and care for their chi's, but it seems like they are a big Hollywood fad or something. I paid $250 for Chico...he had a brother and sister with him. his brother was $350 (long hair) and his sister was $350 (i'm assuming females cost more than males and long hairs cost more than short hairs...i'm not at all familiar with breeding and pricing based on characteristics and the sex of the pup)

my husband works in casino's all over the las vegas strip, and every day when he comes home from work he tells me about all the cute chi's he saw that day because everyone has them out here.
I got lucky with Angel as she was a gift from a friend but I don't expect to be quite so lucky whenever we get a second pup. Getting a little nervous about the cost there. Wonder if there is a chi rescue in our area... Hmmm..
cosmo 1200 usd
paris 850 usd
vienna 1100 usd :D :D chi's are expensive here .......and with cosmo i was probably ripped off :D but i wouldn't trade him for the all the money in the world

kisses nat
I paid £600 for Lexi, but with the 800mile round trip on top of that, it was closer to £750.

For that price, I got a beautiful, small, apple-headed smooth coat female. She came with her parents 5-Generation Pedigree papers and has 8 champions in her mothers side, including Crufts champions.
So the price these days has nothing to do with the "quality" of a pup, it's just greedy breeders.
I've seen pups for sale, with no extras like pedigree papers, kc reg and not any more special than my pup going for over £1000.
I think that's really awful.

I get really annoyed when I see pups being sold for £1000+, I think that is totally outrageous no matter how nice the pup is. But if next to all pups are £1000+ or just below that, we have very little choice if we want one. :?
We just have to pay it, because most breeders of Chi's seem to be interested in maximum profit rather than good homes. I too blame Paris Hilton.

I don't think any dog breed should be over £900 a pup, because breeders are becoming too greedy and it is encouraging other breeders to hike up their prices too. Sooner or later it's going to become too expensive to buy a pedigree dog, we'll all be taking out loans! Thanks Paris :evil: :lol:
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I paid $750 (Canadian dollars) for Baby. I can't believe pet stores around here get away with charging $2,000-3,000 for chihuahuas. :shock:
Even before Paris Hilton got her chi, and even before the Taco Bell wave hit, they were between $900-$1200 in my area.

I paid $600 for each of my dogs, and had an awful time coming up with a selling price for my pups, so figured $600 is a fair price for them too.

I see pups advertised for anywhere from $250/$350 range all the way up to $2500/$3500. That, to me is pure greed. But with people willing to pay it, they will continue to charge it. And the rich people will come! They seem to be under the impression that "if it costs more, it MUST be better." :roll:
Britney was between $150-$175 and Butterfly was $150 :D
Friday was a gift, but I know he paid $150 for her. So many people have asked me if they could buy her for much more, but I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. She is priceless and I wouldn't let her go for any amount of money. If I decide on getting another chi, I would probably adopt one (sad, but because of the recent "celebrity chis", people/ kids think they want one, buy one, decide they don't want them and they end up at the shelter). Papers or lineage doesn't matter to me as long as the dog is healthy for the most part.
It seems as if there's so many money grabbers out there :cry: - i know when i was looking for a chi that i would have paid any amount of money to get one - when its something you really want you are willing to pay for it! It's immorale some of the prices ppl r charging and whilst i was looking for coco there was a few ppl tht didnt ask me any questions about if i had a pet before, what my homes like etc - as if they just want them sold you know!
Jasmine was $450. and came with full AKC registration. I love her to pieces and wouldn't trade her for anything, but I have to say I would NEVER buy another pup from that breeder. I now know she was a BYB - she had not had her chis health tested, her house was a disaster and smelled really bad. She has never once to this day inquired about Jasmine. I e-mailed her a couple of times right after I got Jasmine and never got any answer back at all. I was just extremely fortunate that I got a healthy pup, with a great personality.

If I decide to get another chi, it will either be a rescue, or I will look for a good breeder who shows her dogs, and will sell her pups which are not of show quality at a reasonable price. Breeders who advertise their puppies for outlandish prices, I become instantly leary of. Buyer beware - paying more does not mean you get a better or healthier puppy. It usually means you just got ripped off by a greedy breeder who is only in it for the money. JMHO
Bella cost me $500, her daddy is a show camp but had to retire early due to an eye injury... my breeder has upped her prices quite a bit in the past few months so unfortunately i won't be getting my next pup from her. She said she would take payments from me but its still going to be too expensive... I am looking for another chi but i wont pay more than 300 (unless one steals my heart). Newspapers always have good deals on chi's but i just odnt like the idea of not knowing where they came from...
Cooper cost me $1,200 (U.S). He has a ch. sire. and ch. dam. When I was Picking cooper he has another litter that were selling for $2,000.
coco cost me £650 (i think thats about $1300 but im not sure) at 5 months with no papers so nona your lexi was a good price.[/quote]
i paid £300 for my tyke! i was lucky to find an old lady who could no longer look after him and needed £300 to go and see her son!
in the advert it said £400 but she said me and my boyf where lovely people..and she felt we would give him loads of TLC and let us have him for £300 :)

star x
I got Pepi for $600, which is so worth it. Even though my perants now need to spent thousands on vet bilss for him, his worth a million bucks.
Soon2bechiowner said:
1300 for an unregisterd chihuahua? WOW!
i know but believe me coco was one of the cheapest for sale,i have seen some for over $2500 in the uk unregistered!
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