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How much for spay and microchip?

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Hi. I was wondering how much everyone paid to have their chi spayed/nuetered? I just moved and Pixie will need to be spayed in a about 2 months. I'm looking into different vet plans and trying to find the best one. Also how much did everyone pay for microchip if your dog has it? Thanks for the help.
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Koke was $300. My vet runs a little high though. That was with 1 tooth extraction too.

I think in SC the vets generally run cheaper too.
i dont know about where you live but here in hawaii
im getting my boy chipped this friday, it's only $5 right now
because it's some kind of august special. i think they're typically
$20-$30 though.

i have no clue how much neutering/spaying on the same bus as you!
To get chipped its about $32 where I live and the spay ran about $200 that included all the meds, blood work, and monitoring.
We spent like almost 300 on Lina for a spay. But that's because the vet we used was shady. He charged us extra for blood work, monitoring her heart, and the pain meds she'd have to be on. So, just look out for that :) Most girls on here can tell you if they're screwin' ya over or not :).
Cooper cost around $100 for neuter & chip. I think the neuter was $75, I don't remember. He also had puppy shots at that time so the bill came to right under $150.

If you can afford it, pet insurance is really helpful. Both Cooper and OmaKitty have insurance through VPI Pet Insurance. I get a multiple pet discount since I have two and I think it runs around $28/month for each of them. They reimburse about 80-90% of all procedures so far.
Gadgets microchip was only $38.50 with a free life time registery. I don't know how much spaying or nuetering is because he isn't getting nuetered...
i called around here to check prices for spaying....the place i ended up going (same place i got my cat spayed 5 years ago) ended up quoting me around $85. i had one say $172 and another $112. it pays to call around. they all give the same services (the ones i called) pain meds, etc.

as for chips, i have no experience with couldn't tell ya.

i'm pretty sure the spay costs more than the it is more complicated...i've only had female animals, though, so i can't give a price for the neuter. hope that helps.
Yes, generally a spay is more expensive because the surgery is more invasive...unless one testical hasnt dropped, neuters are very easy surgeries....for spays you have to acutally cut into the dog and remove the ovaries. Neuters at our hospital go home the same day while spays stay overnight.
for jamoka when i was checking into it was about $120 for all the blood,pain etc....

the chip is 44 but i'm on a waiting list for one.
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