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How old is he?

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I have had my new pup for a month now and on all the papers(shot records) she gave me they put his b- day down as 1-5-05 but she finally gave me the resgeration papers and the welped date is down as 1-30-05 which date is right if the date 1/30 is the right b- day he has gotten all shot a month early is that safe :?
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I am not sure about the dates they have given you nor am I sure about the shots being given early/ safe or not. But I do know that I had questioned Yoshis age because his breeder was not very reputable and the vet looked at his teeth (k9s) and his little nether region and was able to give me an idea about his age. Maybe you can talk to your vet or someone on this board can give you some ideas on what to look for at certain ages?

I know this didnt help much but maybe its a start :wave:
Call the breeder and ask them. If they're good with their paperwork, they may have told you the wrong date and put the right one on the papers or vice versa. They should have paperwork showing who gave birth to what on what day and can give you a definitive answer. If not, I'd talk to the vet.
I know the breeder date is right but the previous owner told the vet the wrong b-day so he got all shots early .
ooohhh... I misunderstood. I don't think the early shots would be a problem but I'd definitely ask the vet then.
i don't think it's a problem now......don't worry about it ...;

kisses nat
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