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how to combat fear?

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Hey all. I know Callisto and I have been gone for quite a while. Well as an update we moved downtown where there are lots of great shops and we're really close to the park. Now herein lies my problem. I'm trying to get Callie used to all the new sights smells and people but shes a little nervous. Shes scared of two of my new roomates, both men, but doesn't have a problem with my boyfriend or my friend kim's boyfriend. Shes also become scared of strangers and other dogs. She comes and hides behind me mostly (thank god she doesn't get agressive and bark or worse yet bite) I've had her off her leash in the park and that seems to make her slightly better but a big dog came a long and chased her the other day and I think that set her back. Can anyone give me any advice of why shes afraid of people (especially kids) and dogs and how to help her get over this fear. also are there any training books that someone can recommend?
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There are a lot of training books and I'm sure you'll get some good recomendations. A lot of chi's don't care for small children if they aren't around them much, their voices are shrill and they move fast and unexpectedly. Marcus adored children when we first got him because his breeder had had small kids. However now he doesn't like them. As far as men go it may be the timbre of their voices or they move too aggresively. Other dogs, have you considered puppy kindergarden? That helped Marcus tremendously.
I would never allow Lily to be off leash anyplace where she could encounter big dogs. We go to a nearby state park and dogs are allowed to be unleashed in some areas. Lily is never unleashed there. I can't control the behavior of the other dogs but I can make darn sure she's just a few feet away if a bigger dog approaches (and really, they're all bigger than she is :lol: ). I scoop her up every single time that happens. I just won't take a chance.

Also, make sure you're not unconsciously reinforcing her fearful behavior. She runs to you and you give her lots of hugs. That tells her that fearful behavior is a good thing because it gets rewarded. Am I making sense? It's been a long day. :lol:

And lots of chi's (and probably other small breeds) are scared of kids. Wouldn't you be scared if a shrieking, screaming, arms flailing person who was like 20 times your size came running at you?

I'm sure others will have lots of good advice. :)
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I don't know how long ago you moved, but keep in mind that any move is a big adjustment for our pets. New places, new people, new smells - all at one time.

Has Callie been around children much in the past? If not, perhaps you should start off slowly, with just one child, preferably one who has been around animals before, and knows how to approach them. Keep it low key, and short. If all goes o.k., then gradually introduce her to more children.

I agree with Rachael about letting our babies off leash in a park with large dogs around. Just too dangerous for me to chance it. Also agree that you should not reinforce her fear by babying her. If she runs to you and you pick her up, and comfort her, she will probably associate the comforting with being afraid and think it is O.K. to be afraid.

I've been working diligently to socialize Jasmine, taking her with me anytime it's possible. My last chi was a rescue and had been mistreated, and was never comfortable around anyone other than family, and was terrified of other dogs and cats. I didn't want Jasmine to be that way, and she is making great progress. Just be patient and diligent in working with her. Some chis never learn to like children - that's just their nature I guess.

Just some suggestions - these are the things that are working for me. God luck.
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I'm not too worried about the kid thing. I can understand why she would be afraid I just want her to be better socialized with people and other animals.
mine don't like kids :cry: i don't have them yet they are not familiar with them .
when we go out every kid wants to pet them ofcourse ......but they won't allow it :cry: kinda sucks .....

kisses nat
My chi is fine with kids and men (luckily for me) but i have to watch out when kids are around him because he likes to bite noses and he tries to put his head in peoples mouth's
There is one kid here in the park that Gadget does not like... Every tie this kid is around Gadget wil bark and hide behind me.. I just keep putting him in front of me... he will have to learn he can not hide behind be out of fear... this kid is about 4 or 5 and he started chasing Gadget one day I had him down by the river in the field and ever since that he has not like this kid.. I don't expect him to like him but I don't want to make him thinkit is ok to be fearful... Am I explaining that right?

He does how ever like all the other kids in the park. He even likes the 17 month old little girl next door..

as far as other dogs go.. I won't take Gadget off his leash either.. i do sometimes (when no other dogs around) let him run around i the field with his leash dragging.. I do also let him off his leash in the yard only if I am out there with him and watching him every second. I am trying to teach him the bounderies of the yard in case he gets out of the fenced area..

As far as your room mates go and the move... I think it willjust take time for her to adjust.

good luck and God bless
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