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How to find doggy sitter??

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Hi. Next fall I may need to work some 12 hr. days each week and dont want to leave Pixie home alone that long eventhough she is litter box trained. I am looking into dogsitters and "doggie daycare." Does anyone else do this? If so what does it usually cost and how do I go about finding a good dogsitter that will love my dog as much as I do?? Thanks.
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Lily goes to daycare full time. I drop her off every morning at 6:30am and pick her up around 4:45pm. I pay $16 a day which is cheap for this area (other places are $20-25 a day). That's the biggest item in my monthly budget aside from the mortgage. :lol:

I never worry because I know she's with people who adore her, plus she gets tons of exercise and mental stimulation. And one of the best parts is that on days when I know she's not feeling 100% or if she's on medication (like after her dental surgery) I don't have to worry about her being home alone. I just tell them she has an upset tummy or that she's just not herself and I know they'll keep an extra close eye on her. You can't put a price on peace of mind. For me, it's worth every penny.

I found my daycare on the internet. I kept doing searches for months until I finally found just the right one.

Let me know if you have any more daycare questions. :)
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