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How to handle turkey leftovers

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Although not the best thing to endulge our dogs with leftovers we had a lot to be thank full for this year. As all of you know Ms. Hannah had surgery 2 days before thanksgiving and we knew she was going to have a hard recovery. Well she has been doing remarkably well and the boys have been very gentle and nurturing to her so they got a few extra special treats Thursday night and Friday.

Jasper and Hannah waiting for goodies:

Hannah wondering what is taking so long:


Jasper watching daddy like a hawk:

Hurry up dad:

Even Snowball was excited:

Hannah gobbled her turkey and cheese up:

Jasper enjoying his:

Moose not wanting to be bothered during his 1st thanksgiving turkey tasting:

Nothing could distract them now:
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OMG daddy shared his drumstick:

If only Hannah opened her mouth this wide for her pills:

WOW are we full now:
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Those are some happy and full fur babies. So happy to hear Hannah is on the mend.
Ms. Hannah, we send you all of our love, hugs, kisses & speedy recovery wishes! You are in the best of hands. Your mommy & daddy love you immensely! Looks like someone likes turkey. Lol Beautiful pics and beautiful babies! So happy to hear Hannah is doing well!!!! :daisy:
Nom Nom Nom Nom !
Lucky and pampered animals all :)
I totally made my dogs soup out of the leftovers with quinoa, sweet potato and buckwheat, they LOVE it!!
LUCKY PUPS! :) Too funny how wide Hannah opened her mouth! Must taste SO yummy! Glad she's recovering well! :)
Super cute pics! We all need some extra yummies and spoiling sometimes! I'm so glad to hear Hannah is recovering well. :)
Wow, my dogs would love living at your house !! i dont give mine any tablescraps ( mostly cause of Tootsies allergies though )
i loved the pics, :)
funny, i thought i was going to see some recipees on what to make with the turkey leftovers . lol
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