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Chihuahua-peoples photo albumn will be hosted on the msn group

simply join the group and create an albumn with your pics!
i will then list everyones albumn link here!
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Hi Mia

I added an album with some of my furkids.

Mama J
i have made an album :D
I made an album too! I hope I did it right!
Hello I added Bonita and soon a pic of Guapo

ok I created an album in msn and its titled "Deb & Pippo" although there is only a pic of me in there so far to put on this site

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Mia heres my alblum link..

Hi Mia.. I posted my alblum.. MamaChisChis..
thanks sweetie.... Love Judy
question: If I make an album can anyone see it? even if they're not registered at this site?
I went over to msn and started a profile, but I couldn't find where to make the photo album.... I looked and looked and finally gave up....

Please HELP!!!!!
HI there

I made an album for my babies!

making photo album..

I don't remeber exactly how to joinn the group, but you have to be a member of the group "[email protected]", then you should be able to just go to "", and there is a link that says "create new album" right above the first album shown. Let me know if you get your album up. :) Good luck!
new photo album posted

hello its brandy's mom. just posted photo album. check her out she gorgeous.
I just created an album with some pictures of my boy, y'all should check 'em out! :)
Hi, new member here! I just started my album, and will add better pics as soon as them pups hold still for more than a second :D :flower:
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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