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Successful potty training

1. Your pup is going to have to go to the bathroom ALOT. I'd guess about every 1/2 hr. So you need to take your puppy to the potty pads/outside every half hour and stay there until your puppy goes. Once your puppy goes potty treat and praise. Remember most pups can "hold" it for 1 hr that they are old in months. But chi’s are smaller so I'd reduce that to 45 min. (and that usually refers to being in a kennel.) If you’re not sure of your puppy’s potty habits, write down the times that your puppy goes either poo or pee and that will give you more of an idea how often your puppy goes. As your puppy gets older you can slowly add more time between the time they play to the time they go out.

2. When your puppy is out of their kennel, they need to be constantly supervised. Have your puppy blocked into the same room as you or leashed to you. This way there is no sneaky pees or poo. Too much freedom at an early age is detrimental to successful potty training.

3. Either have a kennel big enough that it has a sleep area, a play area and a potty area OR have a kennel that’s just big enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around in. Most pups won't soil the area that they sleep in.

4. Your puppy will have to potty after naps, after play time, after each meal, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

5. If your doesn't understand that the potty pads are for them to use you can try closing off an area (with an ex-pen or gated area) that is covered in potty pads and then as time goes by slowly reduce the area that is covered in potty pads until you have just one that your puppy will use.

6. I do a rotation to help teach my pups what is expected of them. They get up in the morning and go straight out to potty, come in and eat, then go back out to potty. Play time is next (about a 1/2 hr) then potty time, play time, then potty time. Lunch, then potty time, then play time. I repeat for dinner and then its just potty and play time til bedtime. If I have to kennel them, then they go straight out afterwards then play time. I use the play time as an extra reward for going potty.

7. If you take your puppy out and they don't go, bring them back in and put them in their kennel for another 10-20 minutes then try again.

8. Feeding your dog on a schedule will help in potty training. If your pup is very young you will need to feed them 3-4 times a day. If they are 6 months or older you can feed twice a day. (or as your vet recommends) Removing water after 7 p.m. at night will help teach your pup to hold it at night and give them a better chance of success.

9. Remember that consistency is the key. If your puppy makes a mistake remember that it’s not your puppy’s fault, it’s yours. It’s up to us as their parents to teach them in such a way that they understand what is expected of them.

10. Never ever yell at your pup (though you can make a loud noise to startle them if you catch them in the middle of pottying.), Never rub your pup’s nose in an accident, and never ever spank them for having an accident.

11. Remember that praising and treating and consistancy is the best method for potty training your pup.
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