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Just a bit of advise please :D

Louie who has been with us since saturday and loves everyone in the household, he has a problem when i leave the house........i only work 9hrs a week which the longest im out is an hour and half.....when i leave louie jumps up to the window and just howls even though other members of the family are still in?....dont bother me im not here but even though everyone tries show him attention it lasts two minutes and he is back on the window howling untill i come should i tackle this?....when im in he wants the children more than me so cant figure out why he cries for me........he goes in the garden for a wee first thing in the morning, he has a walk by the riverside about 10am.......i then take him out for 10mins about 2pm and then my daughter takes him out about six....what im i doing wrong :confused:
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