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Anybody hear anything, since the last visit to the vet's office to hopefully get the rest of the stitches out?
Thank you for asking about Ms. Hannah. I am so sorry I forgot to post an update about her apt. this week. It has been a bit crazy and busy. I am happy to say she is doing great. She only got 1/2 of her stitches out so the other half will come out this Tuesday. (Again that is due to the size of her incision and a bit slower healing time). All the swelling & redness is gone to. The best news was that a smaller lump the vet found prior to her surgery has gone away. He felt it was cause for concern at first, but now feels it was just a swollen or infected lymph node. This may have been because her immune system was lower than normal due to the cancerous tumor. The combination of the removal plus the high dose antibiotics before and after surgery seemed to get rid of the other lump all together. Her home cooked diet and vitamins also helped her immune system bounce back. It may sound corny, but to us Ms. Hannah is our little Christmas miracle.

*As always we will be ever vigilant about checking for any new lumps of problems because as I said in my other thread , there is no guarantee that this will not happen again in the future. All we can do is hope and pray it doesn't. Baby girl has been through enough.

Anyway, here are some pics showing off how well Hannah is doing:
With her man Jasper:

With Mr. Moose:

Treats with Jasper:

Giving Moose some grief for trying to take her treat:

Getting ready to go to the vets:

Dishing it out to Moose and Jasper's brother Chase who was over for a visit:

Yes Hannah you look great:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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