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I had a similar experience with Cooper and one of his leather collars and it scared the poop out of me. When I was leash training him, I kept a 4' leash on him in the house and let him drag it around to get used to it. OmaKitty decided one day that Cooper needed to be hanged and, in lieu of a hanging tree, she pulled the leash over the couch. I walked in the room the moment Cooper began looking around like "hey, I can't breathe!" He now wears a break-away collar in the house and has an assortment of fashion collars for when he goes out on the town. All sport coordinating identification tags, of course.

I'm glad everyone's okay hope that Kemo's eye heals quickly.

I wonder if you kept Kemo's collar off when everyone's home for just a few days if Bindi would find an alternative method of beating him up. :) Maybe after a few days, you could put the collar back on and see if Bindi reverts to her old ways. Actually, knowing Chis, she probably would. :lol:
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