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What an ordeal you went through...I am so glad everything was okay in the end. Give Kemo some time I am sure he will be fine.

A similar thing happened with my pups. Tequila got her collar caught up on the cage during the night...thankfully the cage is in my room and i heard her scream.

Ginger got her bottom jaw caught in her own collar while my parents were baby-sitting her. It took them a while to get her collar off because she was freaking out. She had blood in her mouth, but when it was all cleaned up she only had a couple missing teeth.

Kylie also got her jaw caught in her collar.

I love the idea of ID tags, even though all three of my girls are chipped, but I switched from collars to harnesses after that whole mess. Kylie still manages to get her jaw caught in her harness (she isnt very bright) so she has to have hers off while I am gone. Now their ID tags are on the hoop on their harness instead of around their neck. It took them a day to get use to the switch but now they dont pay attention.
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