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HUGE fright!!

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OK I want to share this story but I dont want to hear about collars being worn in the house or microchipping etc etc. My personal preference is ID tags on collars at all times for different reasons but......................

Bindi always grabs Kemo's collar and that is how she wrestles with him. I had Kemo on an adjustable collar but she would somehow always pull it so it would get smaller on him so I changed him to an old fashioned leather buckle collar to stop that.

All was good and she was grabbing away as usual and Kemo was not being choked to death :? ......until today when Bindi somehow got her jaw stuck in his collar which sent kemo freaking out cause he could not shake her off as usual. I guess he thought she was attacking him and both dogs were shreiking like they were being murdered. Hubby and I were in the kitchen at the same time (THANK GOODNESS :shock: ) and initially I thought they just had gotten too rough as happens sometimes so I am trying to grab back legs as your suppose to-and I am pulling them apart when we both realized that Bindi was stuck on him. I was thinking that her tooth got caught in one of the "adjustment holes" and was stuck that way. I had no idea her jaw was stuck, so Kemo is trying to bite her and I was in the way so I am getting bit, hubby and I by now had both dogs in the air and hubby screams turn Kemo upside down the collar is twisted so I did that and hubby was able to get her jaw undone :shock: :shock: :shock:

Kemo had panicked so much that he pooped himself and Bindi had squirted anal juice all over dad. So now I know when they say I had the "poop" scared out of me......not funny then but......... :lol:

Kemo was just freaked beyond - once I took his collar off and made sure he was ok and made sure we had not perfromed a dental extraction on Bindi we put them down, and I was so happy that they both went to each other and made sure they were ok. Kemo was freaked though and he would not let me near him unless I was totally on the floor. he gets scared anyway easy but now I felt like we regressed back to when I first got him :roll:

Bindi recovers like always from anything with no side affects she just lets it all roll off her like nothing happened....

Later I looked at Kemo and he had ruptured a blood vessel in his eye so the vet said not much you can do unless he starts to close it. Mamma will fix him up, and keep it lubricated with eye drops..

I guess I will take Kemo's collar off now more although that stinks as he is the one that goes pp outside, but Bindi is the one that would bolt off so I want to keep hers on plus Kemo doesnt mess with her collar he plays with her in other ways!

It was the most scariest thing and I just thank the Lord that we were there together cause if we were alone we both agreed that we would not have been able to do it only cause the dogs were in total freak mode!
Talk about having to be quick re-actors.... That was how I started my Sunday :(
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How scary! I'm glad they aren't hurt!! Poor Kemo and Bindi!!! :(
How freakin scary. I went through this with Bella too. She got her jaw caught in her collar a few weeks after I got her and was trying frantically to get it off. I noticed it and grabbed her quickly, but it took a few minutes to maneuver it to get it off. She was OK thank goodness, but I never placed another collar on her again after the incident. She wears harnesses only, and occasionally will wear her collar depending on her outfit, but with supervision only.

I am so glad you were home to help your babies out. Get better soon Kemo. Hopefully he wasn't traumatized to bad by it all. I know my girl bounced right back after that, even though I didn't.

Wow! They like to keep you on your toes huh? I'm glad you weren't by yourself :shock: I can only imagine how scary that must have been for you all!
I like to keep a collar on Kismet at all times too. I know lots of people do not agree w/ it..but since she's my dog I don't care. She does go out on a harness though.
Yikes how scary!!! I'm so glad that you guys were home when it happened. I keep a collar on Ritz and Sadie only goes for his legs so I think they are fine. But, that really is scary! Glad that are both okay.

PS...that's too funny that Bindi squirted anal glad juice on Dad. :lol: Must've been one smelly morning!!
i hate being bra-less :D

i'm glad you were there !! i must admit i had to laugh about the poop and anal juice stuff :wink:

kisses nat
Wow that is crazy-scary! I am glad everyone is OK. Poor little Kemo - I hope his eye feels better soon!
What a terrible way to start a nice Sunday morning! :shock: Just glad the boys are to Mom! :) I have also had scary things happen with collars. Matter of fact, my niece had this gorgeous Boxer that hung himself while trying to cllimb over the fence :shock: Just a freak accident :(
sjc said:
What a terrible way to start a nice Sunday morning! :shock: Just glad the boys are o.k......
Bindi is a girl :wink: and I am so so sorry to hear about the boxer :(
KB mamma said:
To me wearing a harness all day is like wearing a bra, and if anyone is like me, that blasted thing is not on anytime I can get away with it LOL
I am just the opposite! My bra is on ALL THE TIME, except when I shower! :oops: :lol:
KB mamma said:
To me wearing a harness all day is like wearing a bra, and if anyone is like me, that blasted thing is not on anytime I can get away with it LOL
:lol: - I had put Jasmine's harness on yesterday afternoon to take her for a walk, and forgot to take it off last night. When I woke up this a.m. and saw it still on her, I felt guilty and said to her - "sorry, Jazz, bet that felt like wearing a bra all night!" :lol:

Jasmine got her foot caught in her collar when she was younger, and I stopped leaving her collar on her all time after that and only put her harness on to take her out. I would prefer she have her I.D. tag on, but she is never out except on a leash or in fenced in back yard and is always supervised at all times. We have too many birds of prey around and I am always afraid she can find a tiny place somewhere to get out.
Kemo is better, naked now but better. Its such a pain to have to put a collar on for his pp :x as he has submissive pee might as well not bother by the time I get everything on LOLOLOL :lol:

His eye has made a great improvement instead of being completely blood red its lightened a bit and some had gone away. I tried to hold a tea bag over his eye but he just kept licking the bag :roll: anyway I have kept up with the drops..

Thanks for the well wishes...... :wave:
Poor Kemo. Well poor Bindi too but she bounces back faster than Kemo does for obvious reasons. Better naked than what happened I think, even if it is a pain.
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