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HUGE scare

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Well yesterday I went over to my friends house to just get away for a while. Well I caged up Echo with her pups, and left. I came home a couple of hours later and walked in the house and first thing I did was go to the cage to let Echo out along with the other dogs (who where caged too) and I noticed some stool in on her blanket. The first thing I thought to myself was, That really weird her not cleaning up after the pups :?: So I opened the cage door and she ran out and vomited 2 times then started having this uncontrollable diarrhea :shock: ALL over the floor!!!! I freaked ran got the thermometer and her temp was 104.7 :shock: :shock: . As I am running around calling the vet she starts straining really hard and the next thing I know here come a lot of blood:shock: :shock: out of her rectum. I told the vet while I was on the phone with him and he said bring her in. SO I hurried and called a good friend of mine to come get the puppies and formula and 2 bottles because I didn't want the pups to get sick especially when we didn't know what was wrong with her. SO after she came to get the pups, which was about 5 mins. I rushed Echo to the Emergency vet. He knew it was not parvo because she drank alittle water and plus she is current on her Vaccs. SO he said it could have been a number of things, Something she ate thats didn't agree with her, but I said no cause I watch them VERY carefully, He said it could have been a spider bite reaction :shock: but no swelling anywhere, OR it could be Giardia. He gave her a shot of Penicillin and a steroid and sent her home with Amoxicillin She is back to herself today like nothing happened :) I have never had such a scare with any of my dogs in my whole life!! Needless to say my carpet is ruined I cannot get all the blood out, even with the shampooer but I don't care as long as she is OK and doing better :D

And this is why you never drink the water in Mexcio!!!
Here is some info on Giardia

Giardia is a protozoan parasite that lives in the intestine of affected animals. It is unclear whether there are several species of this parasite or whether there is one species that affect several different animals, including people. These small parasites are very easy to miss on a fecal exam and may not be present in the stool of animals infected with the organism. Repeated fecal exams are sometimes necessary to identify this parasite. Not all animals in which infection can be demonstrated have clinical signs. This leads some people to believe that the parasite may not cause disease . Most vets think that there may just be other factors, like the animal's immune response to the parasite that cause some animals to develop disease and not others. Clinical signs of giardia include weight loss, inability to gain weight appropriately during growth, diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite and greasy appearing stools. Them most commonly used medication for giardia infection is metronidazole (Flagyl). The organisms come from the environment and live in moist to wet areas. They are susceptible to quatenary ammonium disinfectants, Lysol and dilute chlorine bleach. Keeping the dog's environment dry helps a lot.

This disease may be contagious to people from infected dogs so good sanitary practices, like washing your hands after handling an infected puppy, are very important. If a family member develops similar clinical signs, a physician should be consulted.
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Lori, sounds like a bad scare.. I would have FREAKED out myself...

I hope echo is doing fine and will be better soon.. Did the vet say anything about the pups having any problems because of it?
Gadget's Mom said:
Lori, sounds like a bad scare.. I would have FREAKED out myself...

I hope echo is doing fine and will be better soon.. Did the vet say anything about the pups having any problems because of it?
Nope he said I did the right thing by taking them away from her for 24 hours. The only thing that may upset their tummies was the shot she got :? But they are back with mom now and she and babies are doing great thank god!!! :D
My Lord how totally terrifing!!! Glad everything is fine now! :)
Well done Lori though...Echo is well thanks to your quick call to the vet and help to her!
omg :shock: how horrible !!! man i would have freaked out too !!
i'm so happy echo is back to her old self ....i really don't want anything bad for that little sweetheart :wink:

kisses nat
Gald she's ok Lori, I wonder what it was. Oh if you slosh ice water over the blood while it's still wet and then blot it up with towels it will take up enough for a shampooer to take out the rest.
*whew* freaked :shock: is not the word. I am so glad all is ok!!
What a horrible experience. Glad to hear Echo is OK now & the puppies are together with their Mommy again. Hopefully these will help with the blood stains in your carpet.

Oh my goodness! :shock: I'm so glad everyone seems okay now!

Giardia is what they think my 2 girls might have. (I don't know how you go from Cushing's to Giardia. :roll: ) Anyway hopefully that is all it is. Annabelle just finished up her 2nd round of Metronidizole and Callie finished up her 1st round. I'm watching them VERY CAREFULLY for any signs that they may not be completely over it.
I'm so glad Echo is okay but what a horrible scare for you! I think my heart would've stopped when the blood came out. But then again, when we know our babies are in trouble we do what needs to be done at that moment.

I hope this is what Annabelle has too (how awful to wish a disease on someone's dog but you know what I mean :lol: ).
That was quite a scare. I would have totally freaked, but as Rachael said, you do what you have to at the moment, and then have your breakdown afterward. LOL

Another reason why inexperienced people should not breed - I would not have thought to take the pups from their mom for 24 hrs. and I would bet a lot of others wouldn't have either.

So glad mom and babies are both o.k.
so glad to hear she is doing better! poor mama! nothing smells worse than bloody diarrhea!
Poor Echo. Her little tummy must have really been hurting. Glad she's feeling so much better and back to her normal self. And good for you being such a smart and fast thinking Mommy! :D
luv4mygirls said:
so glad to hear she is doing better! poor mama! nothing smells worse than bloody diarrhea!

Omg no doubt!! Well the stain set in while I was at the Vets and its 95 here so my carpet is ruined. And its right in the middle of my living room! :shock: SO Wal mart here I come for a area rug LMAO
OMG Lori that had to be a horrible experience for you. I agree with Vic freaked out would be the word :shock:
I am so glad Echo is feeling better! Did the vets say what could have caused the Giardia?
And I will also agree...nothing smells worse then bloody poop

SO Wal mart here I come for a area rug LMAO
LOL yeah I guess after all of that your carpet was last on your mind
try using peroxide i have found it successful in removing bad stains once you get the stain out that natures miracle works really well. I saturate with it after getting stain out an let dry. I am so glad i have a green machine lol
I found a really good stain remover, the best I've used so far. It's called Kids N Pets. Sounds corny but it works really well, got out blood from when my greyhound cut his leg. Works great on pee as well. I got it at Walmart.
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