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Hungry Chi

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I haven't been on this forum in a long time it seems! We moved from North Carolina to Michigan very suddenly and it has taken a long time to get back in the swing of things. Ein is 11 months now and we just switched her to big girl food about a week and a half ago when her old bag of Blue Buffalo Puppy ran out. My big dog eats the Blue Buffalo Wilderness so we put them on the same thing. Ein loves any food any time (not picky AT ALL) and it is the same brand so not that big of a switch for her.

She was getting a little less than 1/4 cup morning and night of the puppy food and is now getting 1/4 cup morning and night of the Wilderness kibble. But last night she cried and cried and wouldn't settle down at 8:30pm when she normally cuddles in for the evening. I let her out of the room and she went right over to her food bowl, sat down and cried. She's never done this in the evening before, only right before she knows she is going to be fed.

She is 8.5 lbs and will most likely top out at 9lbs, the vet said. She is at a health weight and was maintaining a healthy weight on the puppy kibble.

So the question is, should I get her another bag of puppy food that will last another 5 months or increase the amount of big girl food she gets? Or possibly feed her three times a day, although I'd rather keep it to 2 times (7am and 5pm). She has always gulped down her food, but we had to adjust the amount of puppy food she was getting 2 months ago because she was getting a little chunky, which is why I thought she would be fine on adult food that didn't have that extra fat in it. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!
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Maybe a little bit more would be fine especially since you know she is going get bigger anyway.
Even dogs of the same size vary so much that it's hard to decide hiw much to feed. It sure sounds like real hunger to me and not just recreational mooching. I would increase the amount. Maybe try a heaping 1/4 c if you've been doing a level 1/4 c. Just re-evaluate her body condition in a couple of weeks and adjust from there.

Also I wonder if there is a lot more calories per cup in the puppy food. Does the bag give the calorie count?
I am by no means any expert in feeding, but my vet recommended for me to keep my chis on puppy food until they are around 10-12 months old
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