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EDIT: He’s eating now, and settling in well! No need to reply.

I picked up my puppy today! He’s nine weeks old and weighs 2 pounds.

We got home from breeders shortly after 11pm and the drive home was 4 hours. He ate a few kibbles and drank some water before I left the breeders, then when I got home he did drink some water but wouldn’t eat! I gave him a teeny bit of Nutri-Cal but I’m not sure I gave him enough. He’s just sleeping in his bed right now. He was very whiny and hyper at the breeders and most of the way home so of course I’m worried...but it’s also late so maybe he’s just sleepy and a bit scared? He still seems alert.

What do you think? Should I give him more Nutri-cal or wait until morning to see how he’s doing?
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