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hypoglycemia question

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I am wondering if there is an age when the pup is out of danger from getting hypoglycemic? I am so paranoid about it that if Pearl's appetite is a little down I give her baby food meat (which she always eats with relish), but I don't don't if this ia a good idea or not. I am so afraid that something is going to happen to my little girl. I feed her Royal Canin baby, and she seem to like it, but every once in a while she won't eat. That's when I give her the baby food. Do you think that is ok? How long should I wait before I begin to worry?
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They never "outgrow" it, because they are a toy breed it is something you need to keep an eye out for the rest of her life. :?
exactly what kj has to do with their size, not their age. They just have a greater risk when they are babies.
As long as they are healthy other wise, it seems once they reach 2 lbs. they are big enough to hold enough sugar in their system until the next meal.
But you still have to be careful if they get sick, like diarehea(sp) or vomiting.
One thing I always do,is to make sure they have a "snack" before they go to bed. This helps to keep the blood sugar level through the night. I usually just give them a few "puppy milk bones". They love to play "zoomie" in the evening so they burn a ton of calories! Very important to give snacks after they play at night. :D

:wave: I know what you mean about being a little paranoid about the blood sugar thing tho. Reba is so tiny- when she was so sick with Parvo, she had a couple of episodes. But she also had some dehydration, etc. going on. I still give her a blob of Nutrical at least once a day, usually twice. When she really plays and as little as she is, you have to get into that mentality of protecting them from using up their reserves. The Nutrical is full of vitamins, etc , too.
sjc said:
One thing I always do,is to make sure they have a "snack" before they go to bed. This helps to keep the blood sugar level through the night.
I do the same as Sandra :) & give my guy a good night snack.

( I also have a snack before bed too , I'll can have a problem with hypoglycemia ( I've an atuo-immune disease ) , I don't have the same biscuit as I give my Fizzy though ;)
I'm luckly I can tell if I am getting hypoglycemic , but our little ones can't so It's better to be safe than sorry )

Sara xx
great advice :) i will keep this in mind... i didn't know about hypoglycemia in the small breeds until i read my first chi book. but none of the books gives advice like what i've read here about how to keep the blood sugar up. i am hypoglycemic too so i kinda get it but for me i drink juice or something, good to know there are things out there just for this in dog's and i love the snack before bed idea (i should try that for myself!)
You people give great advice and I really appreciate every one of you! Thanks so much.
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