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I'm needing a UK alternative remedy for my first aid stuff, I dont want to be stuck in a situation in the future where I might need it! :?

I know that the US sell that corn syrup stuff, and some other remedies.
Does anyone in the UK have (or has used) something similar?

Thanks :wave:

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What about preventative measures?

Feeding Requirements

Chihuahuas have a high and sometimes delicate metabolism, i.e. they can be prone to hypoglycemia, so it is better to give two to three small meals per day rather than one large one. They can eat dry food as well as tinned food and seem to enjoy crunching up the hard biscuits - a practice, which is good for their teeth.

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Here is more info taken from this site:

Rule Out Hypoglycemia
Hypoglycemia is a medical term meaning low blood sugar, a condition that is becoming more common in pets and especially pets suffering from seizures.

It is recommended that pets suffering from seizures follow the suggestions given below to rule out hypoglycemia.

Feed a high quality diet to maintain proper blood sugar levels.

Keep stress to a minimum.

Exercise moderately.

Supplement with high quality vitamins.

Feed small frequent meals.

Symptoms of a hypoglycemic attack

Staggering or collapse




Glassy eyes, staring, dazed looked

Seizure - If this happens it is essential to administer a source of glucose. The best source is honey. Honey, is made up of 35% protein & contains half of all the necessary amino acids. It is a highly concentrated source of many essential nutrients, including large quantities of carbohydrates (sugars), some minerals, B complex, and C, D, and E. Therefore, honey will immediately raise the blood sugar putting the body in balance and stabilizing the blood sugar level. If honey is not available use jelly, karo syrup or maple syrup. Put a small amount of one of these directly into the mouth. It will be quickly absorbed.

Recommendations to Prevent Hypoglycemia Attacks

The Hypoglycemia feeding schedule is as follows:

7:00 AM Breakfast - high quality dry food or home cooked meal
11:00 AM Snack - see suggestions below
3:00 PM Snack
7:00 PM Dinner - high quality dry food or home cooked meal
11:00 PM Snack -- this should be a high protein, high carbohydrate snack. For example, two plain rice cakes with peanut butter in the middle, egg and toast, chicken and brown rice, etc.

Snack Suggestions:





Bran crackers

Rice cakes


Hard Boiled eggs

Scrambled eggs


Low sodium saltine crackers with peanut butter

Cottage cheese

Plain yogurt

Homemade meatballs


The goal is not to put weight on your pet, but to balance out the body, stabilize the blood sugar level and ultimately control the seizures.


I had a diabetic Yorkie for years, so I definantly know your concern!

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Sorry for delay .... found something that may help ,
it's made by a company called ' 8 in 1 ' and it's called Enervite

Looks like it could be ok ????

Sara xx
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