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I am new here and thought I would introduce myself & Ga

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My name is Dori. I live in Southern Oregon. My husband gave me Gadget for Christmas. He was only 3 weeks when I brought him home. It has been fun taking care of him and watching him grow. he will be 6 weeks this Sunday. He goes in for his first shot on Tuesday morning.

I had a chihuahua/poodle mix when i was a small child, but i haven't had a small dog since... I had always had big dogs. It is really nice having a little guy around here again.

My daughter (12years) thought he didn't like her at first but since he has grown a little bit she has found that he really likes her. every morning when the alarm goes off he knows that it is time for her to get up and start getting ready for school. he will sit on the bed with me and whine and bark if she doesn't coem in and say good morning. He is that way when she gets home from school too...

Everynight we go get into bed and snuggle and watch tv... he knows when my husband comes in after i get into bed that dad is coming and he gets all excited... he will play with him for a while but when it is time to snuggle down for the night he comes to mom for his snuggles... he is still so tiny that i put him in his own bed (right next to the head of the bed on my side) he got out of his bed 1 night and i found him on the floor so I had to put his bed in a laundry basket. He is too tiny for a crate.. I did get a duffle bag kind of carrier for him.... he loves it.... I have it in the livingroom and he can go in and out of it all day long. I take him everywhere with me.... he knows when i put the bag on the couch that it is time to go bye bye.

I have gotten lucky so far with this little love. he is such a good little baby

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Hey Dori! Im quite new hear I live in London,England. I don't have a Chihuahua yet,but will have soon hopefully *fingers crossed*!! So glad your happy with you little one. Wow,you got her at 3 weeks? Was that not to young as most Chihuahuas don't leave their parents till their around 10-12 weeks? WellPost some pictures when you can,can't wait to see her..

Welcome to the site too. :D
WELCOME!! 3 weeks? Geesh..thts wayyy too young to leave its mother :shock:

Pics are VERY welcomed as well! heh
Hello and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you found us.

3 weeks is pretty young to be taken from it's mother. In some places it's even against the law.
Could I be so bold and ask why you got the puppy so young?

In any case, you are sure to get lots of helpful information here. And we LOVE pics!
Wow :shock: for any puppy that is too young, you definately found the right place and dont be surprised if a bunch more people say something about how young you got your pup. We all love this breed very very much and want what is best for your baby, please dont be offended :D . Sounds like things are going great which is wonderful.....please if you need any advice we are all here :wave:
Hi all,

Yes, 3 weeks was very young for him to be taken away from his mom, but the 3 boys were very large and the girl was so tiny and she had a hair lip and the lady I got him from (my neighbor) started to holding the mom and letting the girl nurse by Herzl but the mom didn't like that much so she got some puppy formula and started to give her the bottle a few times a day.... but every time the mom would nurse all four pups the girl would be pushed out. so my neighbor and I were talking about it one day and we called the vet... The vet said that it would be better for the bigger pups to be taken away from mom so the lil girl could get what she needed from mom..... so I took Gadget home and 1 of the other boys went to his home... the 3rd boy and the girl stayed with mom. after a couple more weeks the mom dried up so they went to their new home.... all four pups are healthy and doing well. the other 3 ended up going to the same person..... I would never have brought him home that early if the vet didn't tell me it was ok.... of course he is well, loved and taken care of... we got him a bottle and formula and puppy food and started him on the bottle and boy the first day was scary... he didn't like it too well, but by the 2nd day he started to get the hang of it and after that he would eat out of the bottle like he would his mom.... we started giving him puppy food on our fingers and he would chow on that... then we moved up to a spoon and now he doesn't use the bottle any more he eats out of a little tiny bowl and he drink his formula and water out of a canned food lid.... the best part of all this is that I get to see all the first time stuff that normally only the breeder gets to see.... he is starting to run and play all over the house now... (we live in a fifth wheel trailer) The living room and kitchen/dining room is perfect size for him to run around in and still be in eye sight of us... I only let him play on the floor when we can watch him and play with him...

I took him to the vet when he was a month old and she examined him and she said he is 100% healthy.... and we are doing all the right stuff with him...

I take him in for his first shot on Tuesday next week. I know he is not going to like that but he has to have them so we can keep him healthy....

Every time I go to the store and see a cute little toy I have to buy it for him.... half of them he doesn't play with yet, We bought him a rope toy and he loves it.

My mom gave me a piece of fleece she had left over and I cut it into blankets for him and he loves them... I took a long skinny piece of it and tied knots in it and started playin with him with it and he loves it..

he goes everywhere with me and He is getting very socialized. we bought the duffel bag for him and he loves it... I put him in it and take him shopping with me... I put his bag in the seat for the little kids and he just lays there and sleeps or plays with his toys... I have never had a problem with him going into stores.... I know when he gets bigger I won't be able to take him into stores that much but he will be old enough to stay home and take care of himself for a short while.

here is a picture of my lil gadget baby.
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Hello and welcome! :wave: Yes, that is QUITE early to be taken from the mom. But obviously he's o.k. and healthy now, so you must be doing something right :) . I just wanted to mention that if he hasn't had his shots yet, he probably shouldn't be going places with you, he could catch something, especially being so young. He is really cute!! :love5:
Hello & Welcome I am so glad he is doing so well since he was taken away from mom so early. he is certainly adorable. :wave:
Thank you all,

I have really no choice right now to take him every where I go because if I left him home I wouldn't be there to feed him when he needs food... and I haven't taken him around any other animals. I asked the vet about taking him everywhere and she said as long as I keep him nice and warm and away from other animals he is fine.
Well that's good, the vet's know best, that is their job :) . I was going to ask you and forgot (or didn't see it) but is Gadget a brindle long hair? :wave:
Hi and welcome - what a cutie pie - he is adorable
:wave: Hello and welcome. Gadget is adorable. You sound like a very loving chi mom. Keep us updated with pics (we love pics) :) :)
A big welcome from Canada. Glad to hear little Gadget is doing so well .
I have learned alot from surfing the internet about chihuahuas... After I knew he was mine I spent the next 4 days reading all the information I could on them..... I was really glad the other day when I found this site, because now I can actually ask questions and get answers.

Imkari I'm not sure at this point if he is long haired or short haired... His mom and dad are short haired... but I have been told he looks like he's a long haired... he is brindle and very fluffy.....

maureen, I will be glad to share my pictures of him... I love taking pictures of him.... I have picture of him at 2 days old.... well the four babies are all snuggled together....
Hi there, welcome from me and Poppy in Beijing! :wave:
Yes, it is perfectly safe for you to take Gadget with you wherever you go. Your vet gave you sound advice----the only thing I would add is to keep him off the floor at the vet's clinic and off any floor such as PetSmart until he has had all of his puppy shots. Welcome to the forum! :)
He is either in my arms or in his bag.... well, sometimes he is in my daughters arms.... I would never put him in arms way.... he is my love baby....
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