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I am new

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Hi my name is Jessica and I have 2 chis. I have a 11 mo old chi named sammy and a 12 week old chi named rosko. My problem is I just got the 12 week old pup yesterday and my oldest chi hates him. I feel bad though when i am playing with my new pup and sam is watching bc he looks so sad. See I was sammys mommy and he is very protected of me. So I guess my question is should I get rid of the new chi now before i get too attached or should I make sam be nice and not make me feel bad for loving the new pup. Any info would help.
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heyyyyyyyyy, and welcome! BE SURE TO POST UP SOME PICS! x x x x x :thumbup:
Hi and welcome! Cannot wait to see some pics.
BTW I moved this thread over to the newbie section :D
Welcome! :wave: I think that most dogs get a little jelous of new pups, so I think that you should just give it time. I can't wait to see pics of your chis!!! :D
:wave: WELCOME! :wave: did you had a formal introduction for the both of them..if not and if you just introduced the new puppy without warning your other chi might be feeling a bit left something new just came out of, first of all, have patience and do not dedicate more time to the new gotta work it so that you have even times with them or even better pet them together! Try to spend as much time as you can with both at the same time! :wink: Sorry, maybe somebody else can give you better advice! :wink:
I just did this not that long ago and the first two weeks were not very fun. give the older dog loads of one on one him first/give treats etc.......they will establish who will be alpha, you may want the older dog to be but if that is not what they decide be it. I have had my puppy like 2.5 months and she just started backing down to my older one and she still tries to get away with things, so she hasnt fully relented :roll:

It can take a long time, another member had her new pups I think like 6 mos (I could be wrong) and they just started playing together.

Dont give up :D

WELCOME by the way :wave:
Hello & welcome Good luck I hope your 2 become friends :wave:
:wave: welcome :wave:

Hope they start liking eachother soon. :)
welcome :) give it some time. they will eventually learn to love each other, or at least tolerate each other. just be sure to give your first lots of attention.... can't wait to see pics!

welcome :wave: i'm going trough alpha-issues also :wink:

kisses nat
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Let them both know that YOU are the alpha.
The one that starts the fight gets rolled on his/her back and held there until calm. Let them know that YOU don't want them fighting. Playing is ok, if you watch them you will be able to tell when they are fighting and when they are playing.
Hello and welcome! :wave:

I honestly think things will work out if you give it time. Also be sure they have alone time from each other. Don't force things and just let things take their own course. It will work out. :)
Hi & welcome, :wave: I'm sure they will get along together, we've got 14 that all live happily together as part of the family but they've all got their own place to go when they want to be alone.
The older ones just tolerate the pups to start with :roll: but they all get an equal amount of love which is important. :)
Hi and welcome to the forum. :) Your 11 month old will come around given time. You've gotten lots of good advice from the others who have posted. Keep us updated as to how things are going.
Welcome!! Hope your dogs get to be friends soon - I'm sure it won't take too long!! :wave:
:wave: Hi , I just wanted to say Good Luck and I hope that everything Works out!! :D
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