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I am so heart sick

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Arwen is getting fixed tommorow, and i don't think I've ever been so scared, or heartsick in my entire life. If it weren't for the fact that she never lost some of her milk teeth i probably wouldn't be doing the surgery at all... does anyone know of a dog dying during spaying? what if this is a huge mistake?
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i know that i'm panicking about this, but i have never been as in love with anything as i am this little dog, the thought of something going wrong terrifies me... being spade is both a major surgery and painful.... i hate that its neccesary- i cant afford to do her teeth otherwise
I think we all have felt this way when taking our little ones in! I took my oldest 2 in on the same day. I was a wreck with Eden because she was just under 3 pound and had just been with us for a month. I worried she'd be scared. I had to force her to remain calm at home. She was crazy again by the next day!

She will do fine and you will be called before you know it to say that she did great.

What to you have planned tomorrow? You cannot go home and just sit and worry. Do you have errands, a friend to visit or a list of things to accomplish? You need to have things to do until they call.
I know, I worried a lot when my dogs were fixed. Keep in mind that animals recover quicker than we would. Like Karen said, keep yourself busy during the day so you don't worry. Can you make her a fleece tie together blanket or something while you are waiting for the call? It would give her something cozy to recover with, and it is a fun and easy project :). Just a suggestion.
You are doing the right thing!

The veterinarian knows what he or she is doing, even if something does go wrong. I've never heard of anyone losing a dog during a spay. Luna is just under 5 pounds, and she seems to have reactions to everything. While coming out of surgery she had a reaction, but the vet and the techs handled it and she was fine. If you are super worried, ask your vet for an anesthesia test. It is the anesthesia that small dogs might have trouble with, like Luna. They can give her a small dose to see if there is a reaction or not. It costs extra, I think $40 or $50, but is worth it if only to put your mind at ease.

Your baby will be fine.

I felt the same with all mine and they've all been fine. She'll be find back home before you know it.
She will be fine, I have had lots of dogs spay or neutered. Although I don't want to scare you but want you to watch the signs, I had a 1 year old kitty who did die because of spay, the doctor I am sure was drunk, from other people stories and nicked something or didn't close her up inside right and she bleed in side to death. Signs to watch for if she wants to be alone, hide from you, wont eat just and just weak the 2nd day . My cat hid from us and wouldn't eat. My vet said she is OK that what they can do, the 3 day she fell on floor in front of my husband and was so sick, I rushed her to vet she died 2 hours later after they worked on her. They made me go out back door with her. Just watch the signs. I just had Bad vet. I know your baby will be fine.
Just think how great its going to be when you get the call all went well. Try not to be too worried and let us know when you hear :) Sending good vibes your direction!
I just went through this back in May with my chi who has had many problems and felt like I was adding to them by having her spayed. This site has taught me so much, especially about the health risks associated with NOT getting them spayed. My Vet would make you laugh, cause for over a year she had been trying to get me to do it and I said I would but never did. I finally told her I'd do it and she was so excited and told me I'm doing the right thing. She hollered out to the secretary's desk to schedule my appointment before I change my mind. What made my fear even worse was my chi was already 5 years old and if I was going to do this, I needed to do it now before she got much older.
You are doing the right thing because the benefits out-weigh the Risks!!!
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