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I am so trying to be patient.

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Yoda just keeps peeing on the carpet. We have puppy pads. He will go and pooped on them but not pee. We can even treat the odor cause we cant see the pee. lol :lol: ITs so small its like nothing is left behind. I go the natures miracle from petco and sprayed it on the carpet and it seems like the odor hasnt went away. I bought a carpet shampooer too and I dont even know If i am using it right.

any tips on training yoda to pee on the paid or pee outside?
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I cannot offer you any tips because we had Pnut litter trained in a matter of days... it just takes patience and try not to get upset w/ Yoda (although I know it is probably hard and frustrating)... Good luck! All I can say is keep putting him where u want him to go over and over and over...
P-Nut said:
I cannot offer you any tips because we had Pnut litter trained in a matter of days... it just takes patience and try not to get upset w/ Yoda (although I know it is probably hard and frustrating)... Good luck! All I can say is keep putting him where u want him to go over and over and over...
Good advice - I agree. It does take patience and persistance. I was fortunate as Jasmine was extremely easy to train to the potty pad, and from there to outside. I know it is frustrating - some just seem to learn more quickly than others. I know it doesn't seem that way now, but it WILL get better.
Keep Yoda with you in whatever room you are in at all times, so that you can keep an eye on him. These first weeks you must NEVER let him out of your sight, and if you can't watch him, then he should be crated or kept in a confined area that is not carpeted (such as a bathroom or laundry room)and have a wee pad there for him to use. Or get a playpen that is large enough for his bed and a wee pad and keep him there when you cannot watch him. You will never have success at potty-training if he is using the carpet and then you cannot find the spot to clean it. A dog's nose will always take him back to where he's gone before if you haven't neutralized the place where he used it. So the best advice is prevention. Don't allow Yoda access to a carpeted room if you are not able to supervise him each and every moment. It is a lot of WORK to housetrain most Chis, but in the end your perseverance will pay off, so hang in there! :)
I say dont get the spray of Natures Miracle but the liquid that way you can saturate the spot. Even though you say you cant see it, feel around with your hand. As far as using the shampoo machine dont hesitate to put Natures Miracle in the machie with the soap.

When spot cleaning also get napkins (or whatever) and get all the liquid up.....that means standing on it etc. That helps also, especially if you do that first with the pee then again with the Natures and follow the advice of Tuckers Mom :D
follow your nose too. do you leave me by himself on things (like the bed or couch) he could have peed there and you don't know it...
This probably won't help you...I'm assuming your carpet is actually installed in your house, but I had a rug that Charlie kept peeing on and as soon as I threw it out, and cleaned the hardwood floor, he stopped going in the house. My mom had to do the same thing with one of her area rugs, she was really sad because it was expensive, I think she might try to have it professionally cleaned and put it back when the puppies are older. You've gotten some good advice from others...Good Luck!
You can try a steamcleaner (cheap one like Bissel Little Green Machine) it worked for us when Sadie was in her "pee in the house" stage.

In terms of pad training, this may seem like torture to you and your pup, but confine your pup to a non-carpeted area (small, like bathroom or laundry room). Use a baby gate, so you can watch your pup. Keep your pup in there with just a small bed, food/water, and a pee pad. No blankets, no rugs. Your pup will want to pee on on the "softest" spot that ISN'T their bed. When your pup pees on the pad, reward them. They eat, sleep, drink, and pee/poo in this area ONLY.

Continue this (I know it sucks!) for at least a few days. Your pup will get the idea and routine. If you MUST, on the second or third day, let them out for 15 minutes at a time under supervision, if they are looking for a place to pee, immediately take them back to the gated area, and watch them. Whenever in doubt, back to the gated area.

After about a week of this routine, start putting more pee pads around the house (try and use ones that ALREADY HAVE some PEE on them), and let your pup have free time only when you are home, back to the baby gate when you are out or are preoccupied and can't keep an eye. Reward your pup profusely when they pee on the pad.

After they have successfully showed you they know where the pads are, and pee on them consistently, you can start leaving them alone, and taking away some of the pads.

Ritz started out with gating for a week, supervision with like 5-6 pads around the house, now he is always out, with only 2 pads (1 downstairs, 1 upstairs) and he NEVER misses, except to mark the drapes occasionally. He is the most well trained peer ever, and I wish we could start over with Sadie this way but she's a little too old and stubborn. Ritz was 6 months when we trained him so you should be fine.

Patience my dear, patience, and to be honest, you should do very little cleaning through this whole process, since the key is to NOT let your pup make mistakes, completely control where they go pee, if they mess up, it's not their fault, it's ours for not being in control. Sooner or later you'll make a robot out of her. My vet's dog can make a pee on a pad ON COMMAND. That's pretty darn good =)

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Great advise here. I think that maybe some are easier than others. When Taco was small I tried the pee pads and even the doggy litter when I had to leave him all day. But, when I was home he had the run of the house. I watched him like a hawk, wouldn't let him out of my site. Every time he started sniffing around, I'd ask him if he had to go outside and go potty. I'd take him out and tell him "go potty" until he did. Then praise, praise, praise. He never did use the pads or the litter. He holds it all day from 7:30am to 5:30pm. I finally took the pads and litter away. Hasn't had an accident in months. He's 11 months now. Another funny thing, he doesn't lift his leg, he pees like a girl....hehe...silly puppy. So does Buster, my 80 lb. golden retreiver. lol It's OK with me, no marking. Hang in there, don't give up. I think whichever method works best for you if OK, as long as you're consistent and persistent. Good Luck!
The advice you have been given is excellent!!!! Good Luck! :)
You can try the "umbilical cord" approach. This means you keep him tethered to your side with a lead, where you go he goes, then when its time to go potty, place him on the pad. This work excellent when you are training them to potty outside
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