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I can't believe it...Baby is heartbroken

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Sasha went to stay at my mothers with Muffin for awhile so Muffin could have a playmate and I could go to the horse races here in Kentucky. (Can't take 2 dogs) :(

Baby was so heartbroken she moped around all day yesterday and would go all around the house searching for sasha. I thought to myself (COULD IT BE COULD BABY BE MISSING SASHA??) So I went this morning and picked sasha back up as soon as baby seen her BABY WENT CRAZY. Giving her kisses all over her face and she kept running back to the car for sasha to follow her and when sasha would go back to muffin she go back and make sasha follow her...I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. :eek:

Baby had missed sasha the reason I didn't think this is possible at home she hides from sasha. Baby has never really taken a liking to any dogs. So I was so surprised sasha is home now and baby is fine again. Guess I'm just gonna have to end up taking both my girls :D
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Awww! Poor Baby! Glad she's happy again! It must be good to know that she actually does like Sasha! :D
How sweet. They really love each other :D
Judging from the title of this thread, I was trying to prepare myself for some horrible tragedy but this story has a nice happy ending! Phew, I am so relieved!

Baby probably didn't realize how much Sasha meant to her until she was gone. I'll bet they will be even better friends now. :)

Thanks for sharing that with us. :)
LOL, Baby is still hiding from her but sasha is just to ruff for baby.

Were going horse back ridding tomorrow at the race I am going to try to get pics of me and baby on a horse and maybe sasha if she will sit long enought to take a picture...LOL
After Mikey(my chi) had to go to a new home my tzu(Kismet) went into depression. SHe also became very shy and reserved when we would go out the house. Now my nieghbor has a chi and it's been helping Kismet out a lot.
awwww bless her :wave:
Baby is such a little will be interesting to see how she acts around Sasha now.
yeah they do miss !!
when viper passed away cat was searching for him everywhere!!
it was hard for me ....seeing he was missing him too :cry:

but baby's lucky because sacha is coming back :wink:

kisses nat
aw my sweet baby! that is so cute!!!

*don't know what you got until you've lost it, or however that saying goes...*
AHHH poor little baby, glad she is feeling better :D now that HER Sasha is home
MissMolly said:
Awww! Poor Baby! Glad she's happy again! It must be good to know that she actually does like Sasha! :D
ditto im gald! :D
That's so sweet! It's great she knows Sasha is part of the family. :)
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