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I can't believe it!!

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I was browsing around a Chihuahua lovers group I belong to on MySpace, and came across this posting! (I will keep the person anonymous, but here is what she said)

"you cant say theres no such thing as a "tea cup". just because its not recognized by the AKC, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. and chi's can not vary from 2-12 lbs. the AKC says a chi can legally vary from 3.5-6lbs. that means a "tea cup" isnt really a "toy" chi, and anyone who says they have a chi thats 7-12 lbs doesnt really have a chi. or thierdog is incredibly over weight. (no offense)
so yea, there are such things as "tea cups" they vary from 1.5-3.lbs, and even tho they arent in the ring doesnt mean theyre not a real breed. it takes a long time for a breed to be accepted into the ring."

and then later

"my chi is 2.5lbs and fully grown. and i have hamsters, im happy with both. thanks. what do you guys have against smal chis...oh wait i know, its probably just the fact that you cant afford them, cause you obviously like small dogs if you have a chi to begin with"

What a fill-in-the-blank!!!

OK, just wanted to share the sheer ignorance that some people have. URGGG!
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i'm sorry that is just pure ignorance! both my chi's are 9lbs and are not can tell in my picture..and they are pure bred chi's she has no idea what she's talking about! :roll:
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I've given up with the teacup idiots argument I just ignore it now so I dont lose my temper.

Yeah, I had a really hard time holding my tongue. I did end up saying some smart remark, but I know that it won't reach too far, because this girl was totally set in her ways, wrong or not, and she seemed to let everyone else know it!

It just makes me mad how this information gets started in the first place.
That whole thing just shows her ignorance! :evil:
I've just given up on the whole "theres no such thing as teacups" argument as well. and if i ever run into a person like the one who posted that thing on the MySpace site, i'll probably end up just smacking them :twisted: sometimes a good whack to the head can really make a person see it your way :lol:
:evil: :evil:

well if she's stating bigger chi's are not purebreeds ,because of the reason she gives than tiny ones are not purebreeds either :!: :!:
djeezes silly woman :?

kisses nat
:evil: what an idiot, god you think they all would have learned by now wouldnt you, the scary thing is these people actually own chihuahua's poor dogs :?
Arrrrgh!!!!!What an ignorant looser!And the comment about the money?Arrrgh!
OMG WHAT A *$%@&(#))$I*%&^%^%$!!!! I guess very few of us have "real chis" by her standard. I cannot believe there are people like that!!!
I know! Like, right now I have a 48 pound Golden retriever (she's very very skinny because she has cancer) ...but I guess she's not a REAL retriever according to this &%^(*@.

I can't believe the money thing either! Besides...what does money get you anyway if you don't even know what you are buying because you don't even know that a teacup is not a real term!!!
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