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I feel soo down!

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Girls, I just dont know what to do. Im fed up of looking all the time, I so badly want my little chi! But every pup I seem to inquire about lately is like going for £1000 evan £2000, and if there going kinda cheap its because there adult dogs!?!?! I just dont know what to do anymore?!?!? Its not like theres any chi rescues near me either?!?!?!
I feel so down and so stressed :( :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry: :( x
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hey stefanie ,

don't give up hope.....somewhere there's a chi been born especially for you!! i know you will find him/her, you just have to be patient.....and you will be rewarded!! :wink:
keep up the faith!! xsmakx

kisses nat
stefanie ,I'm really sorry to hear you are having a tough time getting a Chi , yeah there really expensive here in the UK :shock: but like Nat says don't give up , you will find one in the end i'm sure :):)

Maybe you could try & talk to some breeders and tell them your situation ? sometimes breeders want a really good home & less money for a baby than loads of money and not such a good home ... ( just a thought )

Sara :wave:
Just pmd you about chi pups London.
thanks fizzys mum, but i doubt it, I understand breeders would prefer a good home, but I offer a great home and I guess still they want the money! :cry:
sullysmum thanks for all the pm's!

*hangs on* but i cant see the rope?!?!?! lol
Man, there are too many chis and not enough here in Southern California! Too bad you don't live here! You'll find one when it's time...don't stress too much!
Probably when you least expect it the right baby will pop up. Good luck, it is worth the wait :wink:
just a quick post before i pop to work if you look in the loot there are some for 400-500 and admart have some pups in ive seen quite a few latley for 350-400 pups and there was one on freeads i think not too sure but anyways there was one on there for 350 12 wks old what i do is look every morning and nite. the thing with me is i have the money for one just now working so much at the moment not the time so i am gonna have to wait till after may even though im meant to be getting one for a weedding pressie in 2007 i cant wait that long lol good luck.
Thanks girls, yeh i seem to find my self checking admart epupz uk- classifieds adpost & all the overs every hour! lol now thats O.T.T but i do check everyday! :)

Thanks for the support! x x x
You will find yours. I had about given up before I found Marcus. Not that chi's here are hard to find but finding the right one turned out to be a lot harder than I expected.
I agree don't give up hope!When u do find the right chi you'll see that he/she's going to be perfect for you and all the waiting will have paid off! :)
lol i hope so! love that pic of molly and the ted :D
well i live in the UK aswell, the most expensive i have seen a chihuahua for is £800, not £2000 ur obviously lookin in the rong places, has chi's for well under £2000 :s sum ppl jus wanna rip chi lovers off :(
Well im obviously not looking in the wrong places as your link is one of my the sites I visit everyday. I also have around 15 other sites I check and I doubt their all the wrong places as half of them have been recomended to use by chihuahua owners from this site. The average I find a chi being sold for is £700, for some reason longcoats latley seem to be cheaper at around £500. I have seen chis for £2000, someone else mentioned seeeing that price in another post, I mentioned I use adpost earlier in this thread too. I know its a shame when they put them at such a high price, anyone can buy an expensive chi, but not just anyone can supply a life time of love :)

stefanie_farrell said:
anyone can buy an expensive chi, but not just anyone can supply a life time of love :)

So true :)

:wave: :wave: :wave:
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